Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Awesomeness Part 38

Nothing can break up the monotony of ice sculpting quite like a trip to the local consignment store. Actually, Theta had randomly sculpted an ice nectar rack and decided to keep it. Since Nels also got all of her overseas properties in the divorce, he got all of her nectar as well. Hundreds of thousands of simoleons in sweet, sweet nectar! *ahem* She'd heard that the consignment store was a great place to purchase some nectar (if you're not too picky on the vintage) and decided it was time to get out of the house. It was a lucky stop. While she was glancing over the shelves she noticed something unusual in the back corner, half covered with a tarp. She asked what it was and the cashier told her it was a "time machine" and laughed. To be honest . . . the laugh was a bit hysterical, like he couldn't believe he'd been talked into consigning something as rediculous as a time machine. It was going for a mere 2,500 simoleons so Theta snatched it up. If it really was a time machine that's a very small price to pay. Back home she sat staring at it, just waiting for Cleo to get home. Finally! 3pm. Theta rushed to the door, grabbed Cleo and pulled her into the workout room where her new "time machine" was taking up most of the space.

Cleo was a bit confused at first, but by the time Theta finished the story of how she had come to own this time machine she felt pretty caught up. They both looked at it for a while. Wondering how it worked. Wondering if it worked. Cleo noticed a keypad to the right of the door and started pushing buttons. Suddenly the time machine roared to life and the door flew open! Well, it was certainly doing something even if they weren't sure exactly what. They agreed they'd go in together, but the door was only big enough for one sim at a time. They'd just have to hope they landed on the other side together. Since she'd lived a full life (isn't that always the excuse for rushing towards likely death?) Theta jumped in first.

Cleo wasn't going to give the door time to close (or the machine time to explode) and dashed in after.

They ended up in the wild west! They tried to stay hidden so they wouldn't alarm the locals, but they were snuck up on by a tribe of very angry indians. Luckily they were able to make a clear getaway to the time door amidst a hail of arrows. A few of which followed them through . . .

That was close. Too close. They decided to just go to bed and worry about what to do with the time machine later. Theta's curiosity got the better of her, however, and she decided to give it another spin while Cleo was at work. Waiting a few hours would have been a better idea, but there's no way she could have known what was going to happen. She ended up only 30 years in the past this time. She wandered around a bit, but didn't recognize anything significant. It did give her a few ideas regarding the possibility of using the time machine to unravel the last knot of their mystery. She didn't notice being followed back through, but she was. By a young man named Jack Duggard. He had aspirations of being a huge New Wave pop star and thought the future would be the perfect place to accomplish this goal. *groans* Unsure what to do with him Theta let him hang around until she could find a place for him to go. Then, when she checked the mail she recieved a startling surprise. An envelope with her name and nothing more. Inside was precise directions for working the time machine. It was signed simply, "A friend. M." M? Odd.

She sat trying to decipher the directions and Cleo played a game of chess with Jack. This, too, turned out to be a very bad idea. Jack, somehow, convinced Cleo to quit her job and join the music career. Then without warning he left and ran down the street. By the time Cleo came back to her senses it was too late and she had to start back at Level 5. Middle school teacher. *sigh* At least she has the necessary skills for Superintendant. Just needs to put in the time. Again.

Sadly, that's what really happened, as far as I could tell. He left after the chess game and suddenly she was level 1 of the music career. Also, she keeps getting memories for stuff she's not doing so I hope it's a glitch they'll soon patch. Won't hold my breath.

Anyway, Theta's back to sculpting for the time being while she tries to think of where in the past she can find some answers. The current superintendant was unimpressed with Cleo's sudden change and change-back in career fields and tasked her with a support group for the teenage sim girls, to help keep them sexually inactive and on the right track. Bummer. At least it gives her a stack of books to read since she, in fact, wants to read a stack (25) of books.

I was really hoping to have a few superintendant raises under her belt before retirement, but . . . the game had other plans. Ah well, they still have a pretty sweet nest egg. 550k simoleons worth of sweet. I guess we'll see how things go from here, eh?


  1. ... the awkward moment when fictional sim charcters have a better life than me

  2. ack! that time traveling creep hijacked her brain!

  3. Yeah! Stupid bugger. -_- Time machine is dangerous.


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