Monday, July 4, 2011

Awesomeness Part 37

Since the backfired spell Theta and Cleo have been sharing a room. Just in case there were any lingering after effects and the other needed care or assistance. Yeah . . . that's why. In fact, Cleo's climb to Principle of the local community school and Theta's overwhelming success as a self-employed sculptress have given them both the ability to be quite independant. They just really like spending time together. Have they become co-dependant? Naw . . . they could split up at any time. Honest!

Theta's visit to City Hall was indeed informative . . . but not very helpful. As it turns out the compensations were due to radioactive fire extinguisher chemicals. However, the fire chief responsible for keeping known toxic chemicals in use by the department was soon dispatched and the chemical use discontinued. The continuing compensations is for the continuing care of those remaining fire fighters who were infected. Even so they decided it was still worth a visit to the hospital. Perhaps there was one small clue that had been overlooked. Wouldn't ya know . . . there was! A quick zap of "moodus elevatus" got the head nurse on duty super chatty and she was more than happy (ha!) to go through the records. Out of 50 hospitalized fire fighting sims 30 were there for logical job related mishaps, 16 were "mysterious" hospitalizations due to radiation exposure and four were admitted to the mental ward for severe depression, multiple personality and/or sudden violent outbursts! Unfortunately after this discovery the spell began to wear off and the nurse was none too pleased at having been duped. Theta and Cleo made a hasty exit. Not so hasty that Cleo didn't have a chance to notice a flyer on the billboard in the hall. It was for a "Gnome Survivor Support Group" meeting at the Bistro Sunday nights. She mentioned it to Theta who then remembered the strange Egyptian gnome that popped up from time to time when she lived with Nels. She hadn't thought much of it at the time; plenty of sims enjoyed collecting and displaying garden gnomes. But with the Bistro right next door they decided to check it out anyway. If it turned out to be another dead end at least they could get a good meal out of it.

The next night they crossed the street and found quite the gathering outside of the Bistro. Cleo mustered up all of her courage and marched right into the middle of the group. You see, she's just 2 charisma points shy of the very lucrative, very easy Superintendant job and being Principal isn't all it's cracked up to be. So she's made up her mind to play a little pretend. Inadvertantly she steals Theta's story about a mysterious gnome out of nowhere but not noticing anything particularly out of the ordinary. Theta doesn't mind so much. She just sat back and watched Cleo go to work on the mass of people.

I must admit, it was quite the sight to behold. By the end of the night Cleo had gleened enough information to fabricate her own story about how the gnome had touched her life that had the whole group of them enthralled. When they moved in for a group hug, however . . . . she did freak out a bit and ran straight for home. Theta explained that the gnome had Cleo afraid to be out after dark and she did have to work in the morning and left for home herself.

So, what did they learn from the support group? That gnomes are responsible for more than a few nightmares. Also, that each person's reaction to them is different. Not every sim has problems with their gnomes, you see. Some collect gnomes like crazy ladies collect cats. Others, however, never asked for their gnome. It just showed up one day and made itself at home. You could turn your back for a second and suddenly it's on the couch watching tv or sunning by the pool or sneaking into the kid's room. Other than a few nervous ticks, though, they didn't seem to be soley responsible for the sort of change Nels had undergone. They had to get the names of those four sims . . . . but how?

They didn't have much time to think about it. As they were going over what they had learned (and didn't learn) they noticed movement on the back porch. Constant, even movement . . . up and down movement . . . someone was fooling around on the Bouncing Brainstorm! They rushed out and found Leroy just bouncing away on their baby. As soon as they reached the edge of the trampoline he recognized Theta and made his way down the stairs. Before they could find out what he wanted he started to shake and crumble. Theta ran inside to grab some (old) plasma fruit from the fridge, but Cleo just stood there mesmerized.

Theta was too slow and Leroy just fell into a pile of dust. Cleo just could not look away as the Grim Reaper came to claim poor Leroy.

She had never seen a ghost before. Nevermind a vampire ghost. it was quite fascinating and the pulsing red glow was almost beautiful.

Even so, she wasn't eager for the ghost of Leroy to hang around. She scooped up his ashy remains and disposed of them.

And before she even thought about bed she snatched up the headstone left behind and took it straight to the mausoleum. Now she could sleep.

The next week was fairly uneventful. Quite uneventful concidering what had come before. Cleo's working on her logic and charisma skills and Theta's churning out more and more ice furniture. The only real bit of what could be concidered excitement was Theta running into Nels Jr while taking out the trash. They caught up and she did ask him if he had felt or noticed anything stranger than normal about their eyptian garden gnome. He couldn't remember them having one.

So now it's Wednesday. Halfway to another weekend and even though they've come such a long way in their investigation, they don't feel any closer to a real answer. Even worse, they're not sure where else to look. Unless they can get those names it looks like the end of the road for this mystery.

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