Friday, July 1, 2011

Awesomeness Part 35

As promised, to both you and my sims, Sunday was move day. I had been trying to pack their furniture for the new house, and I think this may have been the problem. After personally packing those things I intended them to keep and "selling" what was left for the move everything loaded up just fine. They moved into this striking, angular 3br 2.5bath across town.

Here is what the inside looked like. Nice, but could use a little work.

So they set about redecorating a bit. I'm not sure if you can see it all, but they incorperated their hoverbeds and ice furnitures. Turned the third bedroom into an excersize room, converted the half-bath into a laundry room and installed an expansive aquarium in the back wall. They really didn't need five doors to the tiny back porch.

After a quick dinner of tofu dogs (prepared by the vegetarian Cleo) they were invited to a party being thrown by Sapphire in her new penthouse suite. Since she was pregnant the last time they had seen her it seemed a good idea to swing by and see how she was doing. Turns out . . . she was fast asleep. But someone unexpected was there. Leo!

He finally cut his hair. After a bit of catching up with him a tiny head peaked around the corner. The glowing yellow eyes were a dead giveaway that Theta was the proud grandparent of a little vampire boy. He's so cute. His name is Hansel (hey, I didn't name him!) and he's a virtuoso, neat and . . . insane. Ah well, plenty of insane sims go on to lead perfectly normal lives.

The whole midlife crisis thing seems to have been harder on Cleo. I've already denied two of her wants (regarding a makeover after I already gave her one and flirting with an old lady at the party), but then she wanted a new car. A new expensive car. So she threw down 90,000simoleons on this little pink beauty.

And then I was alerted to something very special available for purchase at the sims store, shut down sims, ran to walmart to pick up a card and then Aaron decided he wanted to test drive it first. :p You'll find out what it is soon enough. Just have to remember to reset aging and lifespan when I start it back up.

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  1. cool new house and car! but tofu dogs are disgusting. :p


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