Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Dream

I'm going to try to get this out in as much detail as possible, but it's so hot in here and it's already starting to fade.

Again, we all lived in this house, but this house was situated where the one on Carrollton was. Except, I guess, it was a *bit* less inhabited. Aaron and I were at some kind of arcade, or arcade within a movie theater or something. There were a couple of crane games in a sort of hallway. One of them had he box stuffed full and the other one looked promising as well. Aaron handed me a wad of money and went off with someone to do . . . something. I don't remember who the person was (if I even knew them in the dream) and I'm not sure (even in the dream) what they were going to do in such a hurry; but they had to get there in a timely fashion and so I was left to deal with the prize collecting. I wish I'd had a bag or something. I didn't. I sat on the floor and started by pulling the prizes out of the first machine. There was a mis-matched pair of Eeyore and Piglet slippers which I put on my feet. There were some stuffed Wile E. Coyote toys, "Lodge" Barney and a few other stuffed toys as well. I'm not sure what they all were. There was a little girl standing watching me and I gave her a handful of them. There were so many. What interested me was two sets of miniature Christmas lights. Like, really, miniature. Like the kind you put on wreaths. They were themed and really interesting. The first set was still in it's packaging, but the other was loose and I had to wiggle my arm into the machine to grab it all.

I don't remember if Aaron and his friend ever came back, but I had to get home. I was still wearing the slippers when I exited the building, hopped on my broom and took flight. Yes, just like you'd expect, it's nothing new to me in dreams. What is new is that it wasn't the old-fashioned wooden bristled brooms, it was the newer wooden handle with the wide, flat straw bristles. I situated it so the bristles were horizontal so I could use it as sort of a seat. Was a bit akward, but didn't hinder the flight. Didn't lose my slippers either. I got myself up above the trees and headed straight for home.

There was a lot of stuff going on all at once. There was a girl we knew (I don't know where from or why, but she was nice) who had gotten a new car. It was a really neat car. The hood had a mild relief that was a giant cobra head and the headlights were the eyes. It looked pretty sweet. I came around the corner (I guess the house normally situated on the corner lot wasn't there?) and Sandra and dad were sitting in my car. Or, what looked like my car. I told Sandra about the car and the three of us sat around gossiping about something (I forget what) for a little while before I went around to the back of the house (this trailer, remember) to check on the construction. It was coming along really nicely. Except for the fact that the landlord had decided to go with a Smurf theme which hadn't been implemented yet so we were all dreading that little addition. Even the construction workers.

I sat at a picnic bench on the new back porch (really new, it wasn't even sanded yet) and admired the finished work on the kitchen windows. I guess the trailer was situated proper because here the back porch is next to the living room, not the kitchen. Anyway, this is one of those things I dreamt that I wish I could have taken a picture of because the work on the windows was breathtaking. It was rough dark wood, like a log cabin, but it was very delicate. The window frames were plainly sticks, but there was a mosaic of yellow, orange and brown stained glass for the windows and very thin wooden shutters. The roll-up sheet kind, not like venetian blinds. Except being wooden they didn't "roll" up they just "went" up, if that makes sense. I was sitting there admiring the beautiful windows when the guy responsible for them came and sat by me and asked what I thought. He was young, younger than me, I think. And kind of good looking. We weren't together. I was with Aaron and he had a girlfriend, but it was really comfortable and really nice sitting next to him talking. I told him I loved the windows and he did a really good job. We sat and chatted for a little bit before dad called me.

I'm not sure why, but it flashed to him, my mom and myself down near the gas station two blocks down (and one over) on Illinois. I'll try to explain this the best I can, partially because I know this area is somehow significant because I've had several dreams that took place in this area. It doesn't matter if you know it, all you have to do is follow me. We started heading from the gas station back towards the house. There was a truck with some rowdy construction workers (I assume they were working on another project nearby) that zoomed past us. My mom was in her van and my dad and I were following behind us in my car. He was driving, I was in the very back with the hatch (yes, I'm aware I have a trunk and not a hatchback) open holding onto some bar. The truck nearly hit my mom and she honked at him. They started laughing and swerving and took the left then started to take the right and then stopped. My mom went to get around them and they sped back into the road and cut her off and then stopped again. She kept going and made it up to the house. My dad started passing them and I yelled "Assholes!" at them from the back and flipped 'em off. They sped about halfway up the road and pulled over. As we passed them again I saw one of the guys (there were 4) pull a gun (some kind of rifle) from the back of the truck and start making his way up the street.

Here's where things got a bit dodgy. We knew he was heading to the house to "take care" of my mom. Regardless of how many people were milling around the house. So my dad sped up and got ahead of him and blocked him off. The guy doubled back and tried to get around us so I started directing my dad. "BACK BACK BACK" and "FORWARD TO THE LEFT" and "BACK AND TO THE RIGHT" and he followed my directions perfectly but the guy kept dodging the car. Yes, I was trying to hit him. Not kill him, but stop him. Finally, just as his friends had drunkenly made their way up to our end of the street, dad put the car in reverse, jerked the wheel to the left (as per my instructions) and the back bumper hit home. The guy flew back. Like I said, my intention was not to kill him, but stop him. The guy ended up at the far corner across the street from us (which was a tad closer in the dream than it is in real life). My dad rushed to the house (we didn't have cell phones, I assume) and I rushed to the guy. He had a leather jacket, long face and long, dark hair. I rolled him onto his back and started to lightly slap his face to get him to wake up. His friends circled behind me, dumbfounded. When the guy opened his eyes I told him not to move and told him an ambulance and policeman were on their way. He seemed to have come to his senses, couldn't imagine why a policeman was needed, and kept trying to move. I'd gently lay him back down and keep his hair out of his face, again telling him not to move. He seemed okay, just a bit stunned.

And that's where I woke up. Sitting over him with his friends behind me waiting for the ambulance. I think I was aware of my dad making his way back up the street. It was all kind of odd. I think what impressed itself on me is just how much happened in such a short span of time. Now, the rifle he had I've seen something similar. It is on the small side with a really thin barrel and some kind of horizontal thing on the end. I don't know what kind of damage it would do, but it's still a gun and we were still going to stop him. I don't know why he didn't shoot me.


  1. that sounded really nice... until the road rage part

  2. lol Yeah. Better than the one the other night where all I can remember is someone playing Salt n Peppa's "Push It" really loudly over and over and over . . . .


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