Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Now to breath

This has to have been the longest two weeks ever. Ups and downs and downright insanity. A lot of what's gone on isn't really my business to tell the world, so instead let's look at some plans.

I'm hoping to have a chance to get back to my sims, but I'm going to have to make sure I do that between bouts of cleaning. Father's Day is coming up and my dad's going to be here this year so I want to get the house as presentable as possible. Maybe even work on *shudders* my mom's bathroom. The hardest thing for me is the kitchen. No matter what I do or how often I do it . . . always a mess. I hate it.

HEB had the Splat hair dye on sale and with a coupon so I picked up two boxes. Pink and aqua. I wanted to do pink and purple together, but maybe this will look good anyway. I still haven't 100% decided if/when I'm going to do it. Keeping in mind my previous problems with it. Okay, okay, even with my handy-dandy archive that I worked oh-so hard on I can't find anything about when Sandy and I first encountered Splat, but that's got some fun pictures anyway.

I also want to get my ears more pierced sometime this week if possible. Gotta pick up the rings then get ahold of Tammy. And now . . . I'm bored with blogging (having run out of things to say) so I guess I'll go see what I can do about cleaning. For a bit, at least.


  1. yep, those pictures were fun. :)
    how much more pierced can your ears be?
    hope you have a (clean) happy father's day with your dad.

  2. I want two more holes in my left ear and one more in the right. The lady that inspired me 22 years ago had 8 in her left and 7 in her right, but I think I'll stop at 5 and 4. lol


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