Friday, June 17, 2011

Looking Up

So I did my hair, which helped brighten things up a bit. I did have a bit of personal issue earlier when his mom started to regret us not going, but I sucked it up and referred back to my "plans". I have been simming more. Even have my plans for Theta more or less worked through with Brak's help. She is a master simmer, after all. So even though I may have ruined the surprise part of the blog for her, maybe it'll help that she knows she helped make the story possible.

Aaron's been having mixed feelings about my hair, which I feel awful about. He does like it, just as usual doesn't like certain people's reactions to it. Because he loves me and doesn't like when people look at me like I'm some kind of freak or that there's something wrong with me. I do admire that about him. He's such a trooper. I try to tell him that the only people who usually scoff at me are soccer moms and they're just jealous because they threw their lives away (I really just loathe those stuck up bitches) but I know how it is when words only do so much. I'll try to go easier on him next time I get a . . . *ahem* . . . wild hair.

What was that third thing? Ah yes, my ears. Since my face is off limits (no, my tongue doesn't count as my face) these will likely be my last piercings. I think I prefer a fake nose piercing anyway . . . anyway; we went to Walmart and I started out a bit disheartened because we got there right at 11pm and that's exactly when the jewelry counter shuts down. But luck! (hence the title) They had a little box of discount body jewelry out open on the counter! So while Aaron went to check out the available games I stood picking through the box. I got 4 captive ball hoops, 2 screw ball partial hoops (I dunno what they're called exactly), and 6 studs so . . . if anybody needs studs let me know. lol All for $5! Half what I expected to spend on this endeavor. I talked to Tammy and we're heading over tomorrow night. *happy dance* For those who don't know I have three evenly spaced holes in each ear. I want two more evenly spaced in my left ear and one up towards the top in my right. Because there's something about lopsided balance that really revs me. My "lady" piercing is on the right side so full-body-wise I'll be balanced. Yet another reason I'm not pissed about the no-face ruling. If I did my nose I'd have to have a balancing piercing on the left somewhere (because I'd do my right nostril). Like . . . my lip! Maybe my ear, but probably my lip. So you can see how this balancing act could get out of hand fairly quickly.

Oh, gmail just alerted me that my crops are ready to harvest. No I don't plan on doing Farmville blogs like I used to do Neopets blogs. There . . . really just isn't that much to tell. G'night all. I'm going to try and remember to get Aaron to take pictures of the piercing process for y'all. Whether you care or not. Like I said, it's my blog I'll do what I want.


  1. i'll look at your piercings!
    and it's okay you ruined my sim surprise. i like to help and there will be more surprises later.

  2. Because sim's lives are full of surprises! :) At the moment Aaron's not wanting to go, but hopefully I can convince him. I found the video camera. :D Ya know, for posterity.


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