Thursday, June 16, 2011

How I do

Since the cancelation of the Kansas trip I've been feeling pretty down. A situation exacerbated by hormones (thanks Aunt Flo, love you) has made me a pretty grumpy Lizzy. I don't like being unhappy; it's an unnatural state for me. I would love to be out and about, driving across the country, seeing new and fascinating things; but . . . I'm not. Rather than sit and mope about it any longer I decided it was time for a change. I've proven to myself that not only can I get my dark hair quite blonde, but I can also pull it off fairly well. So what's next? Well, if you've been keeping up you know the answer: aqua and pink. I was going to checkerboard my head to get a sort of color mesh/blend, but . . . . hrm. I started putting my hair up into little ponytails and it was just so hot in the bathroom I started sweating and after 8 little ponytails I was done. I ripped the elastics out of my hair and sat moping at the computer for a few more hours. There is no way I'm going to pull that off unless/until I get someone very dedicated to me and my hair to help me. So I came up with an easier idea and made my way back into the bathroom. Here is what I did and how I did it and how it came out in the end.

First thing I did was seperate my bangs and tendrils (the longer bangs in front of my ears) and put that in a ponytail to get it out of my way.

Hehehe My roots make it look like I'm wearing a headband. Then I started slathering on the aqua. I'm going to backtrack a bit because there is something that surprised me. I would swear when Sandy and I first used the Splat dye it was a powder we had to mix with water. Now it's kind of a gel paste. And it smells like berries! That was a very pleasant surprise. Anyway, I slathered up the back in the aqua.

Yes, I missed a spot. Of which Ricky made sure to inform me when I texted him the picture. Rest assured I intercepted my sister just as soon as she crossed the bathroom and had her fix the spots I couldn't see. (Aaron says I need more aqua because there are still missed spots, but we'll see) Then I put it up with my handy-dandy hair clip so it wouldn't sit on my neck while letting it soak in.

Ok, that's not really a step, but it's my story; my blog; I'll tell it how I want. Next I did my bangs area pink. I was a little worried it would come out kind of a cotton candy pink, but it did not. I actually really like this pink. I'm glad I have most of it left so one day I can do my dark hair with these pink streaks. (if I can do blonde, I can do anything!)

Pretty. Two hours later the dye had dried (they say to wait an hour but I always wait much longer) and gave me a sort of helmet effect.

Now my hair is pretty wretched in my old age. Even without killing it with bleach. It's rough and frizzy and even when I do manage to "style" it somehow . . . it never looks as good as it would if I had nice, smooth hair. However, the one thing my awful hair is good at is soaking up dye. So I get really good, deep color and it lasts a really long time. Here I am after having rinsed my head attempting to look coy.

Last time I was at Dollar Tree I picked up a pack of about 10 combs. Specifically because one of the combs was a wide-tooth detangler.

And the side-view

Here it is all dry (the next day . . . today) out in the sun.

And inside with the webcam.

Since I had to mention it last time: No, I did not cut my hair. It's put up. Just as soon as I feel like straightening it I'll take a picture with my hair down. It may be pretty colors, but it's still a poofy mess on top of my head. It may be wild when untamed, but I must say it does serve the purpose of making my face/head look smaller . . . . so I don't hate it too much.


  1. omg liz! you cut your hair!?!?! WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!? haha.
    it looks so awesome! i love it.

  2. *hugs* I'm glad you like it. :)


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