Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awesomeness Part 34

This week brought the realization that their birthdays were fast approaching. After 3 days and a promotion to Department Head Cloe decided to take an early weekend. So she wouldn't get paid for her time off. So what? Her and Theta would only be young for a couple more days and she was set on enjoying the remainder of her youth. To start she enjoyed a friendly game of chess with Theta on this brand-new, perfectly sculpted ice chess table (with chairs).

Thursday was spent working on a creative project. It took her three tries, but Theta finally managed to sculpt an ice-double of Cleo. Forever capturing her youth and essence.

They were both quite excited by how it turned out. After a few hours, though, Cleo started to get a tad freaked out being watched by herself. But there's no way they could sell something like this. So a quick jump on The Bouncing Brainstorm and they got a big giggle out of the following idea:

Face the statue out the window so it can freak out the neighbors! :D After setting it up and almost falling down the stairs laughing from the view outside they decided to hit the Bistro for dinner. They discussed their plans for Friday before heading home.

Friday was fairly uneventful. Cleo caught up on her excersize by pumping iron for 10 hours straight (she wanted to, honest!) and Theta went to work making more ice furniture. Lookie! Toilet and hamper!

Saturday was the big day. Birthday!! No dangerous investigations today. While Cleo slept in after her marathon workout session Theta snuck out and bought them matching birthday cakes. She's seen sims age so many times since her move to Moonlit Shores. And now, finally, she was going to take her first steps into true adulthood. Cleo came in and saw Theta staring blankly at the cakes, gave Theta a big squeezy hug and said, "Don't forget to make a wish".

They thought long and hard about their wishes (which they didn't share with each other so I don't know what they were; but I have an idea) before blowing out their candles at the same time. The age transitions for some sims are quite difficult and awkward, twisting their features and dressing them strangely. This was an easy transition. They both looked almost exactly as they had before. Not such a big deal, eh? As they sat down to gorge on cake they had a brilliant idea. Since nothing was changed for them they should do makeovers to make them look and feel more adult-like. They'd each go into their own room and make themselves over into what they thought an adult them should look like then pop out at the same time.

This idea turned out to be more fun in theory than practice. They both became very nervous about what the other would think and it started to cement the giant leap forward they had taken. I think they did well, though. Theta tried for a more artsy-grown-up look.

And Cleo patterned herself loosely based on what the other teachers wore.

It does bother me that she looks less like Brak than she did before, but I still think they both look great. I think they may have psyched each other out a bit, though, because Sunday morning they both woke up to midlife crises. (Thank you Generations -_-) The good news is that their first Midlife Crisis wishes were also the same. They wanna move into a new house! (which, since promised, if I don't deliver will have a negative impact on their adult-life happiness. . . . .) So it looks like Sunday is Move Day.

I was actually in the process of moving them into a nice house I picked out, but the game keeps tweeking while processing the move. -_- I'm going to try one more time before reworking the whole strategy. Not like I haven't moved sims since installing the ep . . . .


  1. so, maybe i should cut my hair and start wearing a knit shrug so i can look more like cleo? :p

    and.. umm.. ice toilet? that doesn't sound good.

  2. lmao Don't do that! XD No, ice toilet is bad. They get a negative "frozen" moodlet sitting on it. But they both have steel bladders so they don't really use the toilet. Hurrah!


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