Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Awesomeness Part 33

Another week goes by and things have been delightfully boring and tedious. Cleo has been working her way up the educational career ladder and is now a high school teacher. It's scary but she's determined to push past her shyness in the name of shaping young minds. Theta has been chainsawing away at bushes and ice. I stopped the bushes when it became apparent they just don't want to give me the dragon topiary, so this headless giraffe is working as a stand-in.

As for the obsession with ice-carving? Well, you'll just have to wait and be surprised. I do have a plan for that. As it generally does, Saturday followed Friday and the two decided to get all dressed up for their digging expedition. After a quick supply check they were out the door.

First stop: Landgraab Science Facility. Apparently a lot of work gets done there on Saturdays so they were stuck taking the same boring "please come see our cow plant" tour. At least Cleo managed to learn a thing or two about Mechafish without the distraction of little children.

After that they were forced to split up. Cleo met up with her high school class at the military base for their "we swear this isn't a recruitment tactic" field trip. Theta hopped over to the eerily quiet fire house. She assumed they were out on an emergency and let herself in. Apparently security isn't a big deal here because she also easily let herself into the fire chief's office. She found some files regarding some new fire extinguisher compound they were using and also a very confusing ledger that appeared to be compensation amounts. Some rather large. Where is this money coming from and why are so many fire fighters being compensated? The rumble of the fire truck coming up the road brought her back to reality and she slid right down the fire pole and snuck out the back door undetected.

She rushed back to the military base to rescue Cleo from the teenagers. She hadn't discovered anything at all inside (it was, in fact, a recruitment tactic) and Theta said she may have, but they should meet up with Sapphire to see if she had learned anything.

Which . . . she did . . . sort of. Sapphire had found an old (old) caretaker snoozing in the supply closet and chatted him up for information. Oh sure, he remembered the big compilation. It was all on the up and up. Each body was accounted for (even a few they hadn't counted on) and the science facility was not involved in any way. No way no how. They tried to push a newfangled fuel source for the crematorium, but bossman wasn't having it, nosiree. (apparently the owner was afraid of zombies . . . heh) So that was a bust. Except finding out that Sapphire was now pregnant. Apparently her and Leroy had worked things out.

While making their way to the car both Theta and Cleo recieved a texted e-vite to a celebrity party just up the road from them. After all their hard work they decided it might be good for them to party it up a bit. And it turns out Cleo's shyness did not interfere with their good time. Over a suspiciously private salad dinner Theta filled Cleo in on the information she had gathered at the fire station.

New fire extinguisher formula? Tens of thousands of simoleons in compensation? They wondered if it had anything to do with those "seemingly unrelated" hospitalizations? Neither of them had any substantial contacts at the hospital. Theta wasn't even sure her gyno worked there anymore. Oh, and in case you're wondering why they were afforded the privacy to discuss these matters? Turns out it was that kind of party.

So before heading home they figured "when in Rome" and took advantage of the hostess' spacious shower before trotting off.

Sunday was all business. After the break-in Cleo decided she wanted muscle so she's been weight training instead of jogging. It occured to Theta that them having to split up could be problematic concidering how deep they were digging and taught Cleo a few self defense moves. Turns out Cleo's a natural and after this sparring match she's already up to Yellow Belt. (level 2 skill)

So if they can figure out how to pull it off next Saturday will be spent poking around the hospital. Not every doctor adheres to doctor-patient confidentiality, right? If they're feeling bold perhaps they'll pay a visit to Theta's inside man at City Hall. She spotted him while accepting her award so she knows he's still there. Is it worth the risk? They've got another week to decide. Okay, okay, OK! So they technically have all kinds of time and can, in fact, decide to drop the investigation altogether. But doesn't it sound better the first way?


  1. now that she's rounded out some, sapphire kind of looks like the old theta. hmmm....

    and make them stop contaminating the hot tub! someone else might want to soak in there later!

  2. Oh yeah she does! Generations came with a "clone voucher" lifetime reward, but I didn't use it. Hrm...


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