Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awesomeness Part 32

First I'd like to say that since starting the Theta/Cleo household I've found myself with renewed interest and vigor regarding sims. Perhaps it's the joy of working with a sim loosely based off of my bestest friend Brak; or maybe it's Theta's now certain death. I dunno. What I do know is that I literally had to convince myself after almost 7 hours of play to shut it off. I'm tired and after updating you on the current developments, I'm going to bed.

After Sapphire left to persue the night Theta discussed what she'd been told with Cleo. After some deliberations on the pros and cons of hunting down the truth they decided that even though Nels was a lost cause it couldn't hurt to see what they could find out. If anything. First thing Saturday (there really is no rush) they'd hit the library together and see what was buried in the archival news. Cleo's heart reached out to Theta and she wanted to kiss her. Some wants I disregard, but this one touched me so I kept it. And I did her the favor of using Theta's Lifetime Points to clear her romantic history first. Just in case . . . .

It had been a long day for the both of them so they went straight to bed. With a course of action set Theta had no problem sculpting through the week. Finally Saturday arrived and first thing bright and early they drove out to the library. Cleo flipped through a couple of local history books written by a man in town while Theta checked the archived news stories on the computer. They both took notes on anything even remotely out of the ordinary. Cleo finding some conflicting information about some supposedly defunct experiments going on at both the science facility and military base; Theta finding some very interesting stories regarding celebrities who appeared to have vanished into thin air, fire fighters hospitalized for a variety of reasons seemingly unrelated to their occupation and even rumors that Moonlit Shores once housed five cemetaries before converting to the one mausoleum. Nels was never hospitalized, but he did retire from there early . . . .

After a few hours Cleo remembered that she was supposed to chaperone a field trip to Landgraab Science Labs!! She promised to be back as soon as possible and she'd see if anything was amiss (even though Theta worked there and couldn't remember anything like in the books) while she was there. Theta would remain at the library to see if any of these stories had some kind of common thread.

Around 6pm they both got home. Not tired yet, but both severely stressed out from the day's activities. Sometimes a change in perspective can help when working out a problem so they invested some simoleons in a trampoline they dubbed "The Bouncing Brainstorm". Theta had not found anything else out of the ordinary, and certainly nothing that she could tie together . . . or to Nels for that matter. Cleo was only slightly more successful in that she found out that the science labs were at one time working with several businesses around town to increase their effectiveness and productivity. How did the man put it? "Better living through chemistry". When Cleo tried to ask if they had ever tried to "better" the fire department the entire group was shuffled into the botany lab to see one of the few remaining cow plants in the region.

They compiled their notes and went to bed. The next morning they decided that the following weekend would be dedicated to a bit of field work. They would re-tour the science lab (see if they could get that pesky question answered), snoop around the fire department (which is right down the road) and finish off by visiting Sapphire at the mausoleum to see if she knew anything about the rumored graveyards. That night they were visited by an unexpected, and uninvited, guest. A robber! Luckily Theta's experience led her to install an alarm as soon as they moved in which alerted the police. They must have sent a rookie because he lost the fight with the would-be robber who escaped from beneath all their noses. The officer apologized, promising they'd get him next time, but the only thing the two of them could focus on was that the robber did not go for the expensive excersize equipment or collection of rare cut gems adorning the mantle. Oh no, this thief was attempting to abscond with their notebooks!! What is going on here?!

They were both pretty shaken by the experience. As they comforted each other before the fire they were more determined than ever to uncover the truth. Anyone going to this much trouble to stop them had to have something really good to hide. Still, Cleo had a job and Theta wasn't in any hurry to attract more attention so they decided to stick to the original plan of "Saturday". They also decided to comfort each other a bit more in the shower before turning in for what was left of the night.

Throughout the week Theta found herself just knocking out sculpture after sculpture. She's become quite proficient in every medium available to her. Even sculpting this Simbot Scissorhands (my name) that I just had to screenie for Aaron.

Though she rarely leaves the house Theta's work has not gone unnoticed. The City Counsel honored her with an award for Excellent Sculpting Achievement. She felt a bit silly walking out of City Hall wearing the awarded medal, but Cleo was really excited about it. Said she earned it so she should wear it proudly! At least for a while. Theta agreed. (even though she had to change tops for the medal to show properly. initially it was half hidden through the top she had on)

While they're not officially a couple Theta and Cleo have, as I'm sure I've mentioned, bonded quite fiercely to each other. They have their own lives and mantain their own bedrooms, but on particularly stressful days they'll woohoo to blow off steam before going to their own beds. Except on this particular night where they were both just too exhausted. Yes, that is a nifty hoverbed. Theta bought them each one with her Lifetime Points.

The weekend is right around the corner. Cleo got cornered into chaperoning another field trip, but they're still determined to do as much digging as possible. Theta's put in a call (from a payphone outside the movie theater) to Sapphire so she can start asking around work for information. They have only but to wait.


  1. you sure have been simming a lot. i love the pics for this chapter. that is some high-bouncing trampoline!

  2. It really is! lol They bounce up higher than the house! :D


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