Monday, June 27, 2011

Awesomeness Part 31

I know. I just had a sim update! Well, there have been some interesting developments of which I felt the public at large should be made aware.

The first is what happened after Sapphire managed to drag her hungover(?) self to bed. Cleo opened her present and saw a very perfect, very juicy, very enticing Life Fruit sitting in the box given by her new friend. Rather than exclaiming with glee and delight (is that redundant?) she ushered Theta over to the couch and divulged some little known information about the Life Fruit. Apparently Cleo's aunt had a bit of the Life Fruit addiction (which was uncovered when Cleo found a picture of her "aunt" as a child with Cleo's great grandmother; also as a child). So Cleo did a bit of independant research and found that not only was Life Fruit responsible for the insanity of a growing number of sims who were unable to accept their loved ones eternal youth, but also for several increasingly common neurological malfunctions. While Theta had always felt fine her instant camaraderie with Cleo (and her solemn sincereity) convinced Theta that it was time to give up the Life Fruit. Once and for all. It would be scary to age and die like normal sims, but somehow she felt that with Cleo by her side she could face anything.

They had, indeed, become quite close quite quickly. After knowing each other only two days they already had inside jokes with each other. Cleo even put her new chess table near the sliding glass door so they could each follow their own pursuits while still not being too far from each other.

Sapphire may or may not have just been hungover. By the time Theta and Cleo finished their conversation she was already awake. Still wearing her dark sunglasses, picking lethargically at her waffles, and announcing flippantly that she had taken a part-time job at the local mausoleum. . . .

Cleo likes a bit of routine and is quite determined to reach her lifetime goal of Perfect Mind (level 10 logic) Perfect Body (level 10 athletic) as soon as possible. So while Theta sculpts, Cleo jogs. Here is a purely gratuitous picture of Cleo jogging down the block.

Though they technically spend almost all day together, Theta and Cleo don't get much time to chat. So they've vowed to take at least half an hour at the end of the day to catch each other up. As you can see in the background, Sapphire's new job at the mausoleum is off to kind of a rocky start . . .

The biggest bonus for her is that her job is a part-time job which leaves her plenty of time to go out on the town with Leroy; who also has a part-time job at the grocery store.

While Cleo was off on her first day as Moonlit Shores' newest kindergarten teacher, Theta maxed out her sculpting skill. This afforded her the ability to sculpt topiaries! (how that's harder to do than ice and stone I don't know, but ok) She decided to get right on sculpting this super cute giraffe topiary for the front yard.

Which Cleo thought was adorable and knew as soon as she saw it she'd be wanting more.

Cleo is also a neat sim and has taken on the housecleaning chores. So that she doesn't feel like such a mooch Theta has begun upgrading all of the household's appliances. When (if?) she leaves, she will be leaving this house in a much better condition than when she moved in.

Sapphire had just entered the semi-prestigous Aquarius disco-club when her blood suddenly began to boil. Good thing it was after sunset!

Since she was wearing her protective sunglasses I've also got this picture of her super bright vampire eyes.

With great power, however, comes severe heartache. She met up with Leroy and he seemed less than happy to have her around. :(

Sapphire's a tough girl, though, and did not let being spurned by her high school sweetheart slow her down. She was feeling good. Great, in fact! She decided it was time to branch out on her own and see what the nights had in store. While telling Theta goodbye she also divulged a bit of information she had picked up while chatting up the bouncer at Aquarius. Something had indeed happened to Nels and it was not likely Life Fruit related. If she's interested in uncovering the truth she should check the newspaper's archives. Particularly the local news.

As a last little note, that was the 300th pic for Theta's epic saga! Let's all celebrate with a tray of Brak's super delicious fruit triangle cookies. :D *hint~hint~wink~wink*


  1. haha! i'll get those cookies out to you right away! well, after my oven stops burning things and when i have enough money for overnight shipping... maybe for the 400th picture?
    i didn't see that nels storyline coming, but i can't wait to see how it all fits together. especially now that sapphire is a vamp and theta is gonna get old.

  2. lol I can wait 'til you're here for the cookies. And I think things are going to get fairly interesting . . . if she decides to uncover the truth. She might not care. ;)


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