Sunday, June 26, 2011

Awesomeness Part 30

The turmoil in the household was felt by all, and they each dealt with the stress in their own way. Theta tended to her garden, Sapphire spent most of her time out of school with Leroy, and Rebecca spent her weekend raving at a local warehouse.

Nels immersed himself even deeper into his work. He took an undercover assignment and so was booked into the local hotel. His mark kept him busy and he barely had a chance to miss going home.

For better or worse he didn't tell his family what was going on, even though he had been given ample opportunity by the police department to do so. The girls, of course, knew about the fight between their parents and with only their mother's somber presence for reference they were left with plenty of holes to fill with gossip over what 'daddy' was up to.

The next week brought no further resolution between the quarreling couple. Sapphire went about her normal routine of school-Leroy-school. Theta recieved an email from La Fromage stating that they were in the process of fumigating and revamping their entire dance department and asked if there was anyway she could nuture Rebecca's artistic growth for the week. She would, of course, be refunded that week's tuition. So Theta took Rebecca with her to the art retreat and though she didn't get much dancing in, Rebecca managed to paint several lovely paintings to hang on the still mostly bare walls.

Being home, however, had some drawbacks. Rebecca and Sapphire became increasingly aware of the emptiness permeating their home. They agreed to share Sapphire's room under the guise of a fun girly slumber party; but really they just needed the company . . .

Finally Nels' undercover mission was complete. It must have been quite stressful since he came back looking as though he'd aged conciderably. Theta was upset to have missed his birthday, but was even more upset when Nels (all on his own) announced that he wanted a divorce. He was cold and unfeeling and very much unlike the man she had fallen in love with. He gave her two days to pack up those things she wanted to take and get out of his house. As it turns out her Egyptian romeo had other plans as he also took possession of her art retreat during the divorce proceedings.

After Nels left her to her packing Rebecca had her birthday. Not only has she grown into a beautiful young adult, she was also offered a very prestigious position at La Fromage as the new assistant dance instructor. As she said her goodbyes she thanked Theta and told her to be strong. "I don't know what happened to daddy" she said, "but something did." A tear slid down her cheek as she kissed Theta goodbye and hopped into the waiting cab.

As it turned out Theta only needed a few hours to pack, but she really had nowhere to go. At least Sapphire was in school (and would likely be with Leroy after) so she packed up her few boxes into her car and headed to the art retreat to sit amongst the paintings and sculptures and be alone with her thoughts for a while. Or so she thought. As she sat by the fireplace sobbing quietly she was approached by a young female sim she had never seen before. This young sim apologized for intruding and introduced herself as Cloe Lacanth. (get it?) She explained that she was new in town and quite lost and apologized profusely for interrupted Theta's crying.

They talked for a few hours, each explaining their present positions in greater detail and decided they really liked each other. Perhaps even needed each other. At least for the moment. They decided to formulate a plan to help each other out over dinner at the diner.

As it turns out Cloe was even more lost than she had initially let on. She came from a very small town up north that had taught her to be a teacher and bought her a house in Moonlit Shores and then dropped her off on the edge of town . . . kind of queer, but at least she had a home. They agreed that Theta and Sapphire would live with her until they got back on their feet and Theta would help her to get acclimated to Moonlit Shores. Including finding her a job as a teacher since her hometown hadn't prepared her for actually finding a job either. So, first things first they found Cleo's house (she had a slip of paper with the address, but hadn't actually seen it yet) only to discover it was furnished with only the absolute bare necessities. A fridge and a toilet . . . Theta dipped into some leftover celebrity freebies so they each had a bed, toilet and shower; and also a stove so she could make breakfast in the morning. This house didn't even have lights, but they'd worry about that in the morning.

Sapphire did indeed seek out Leroy after school only to discover that he'd aged up over the weekend. So while they were still technically boyfriend and girlfriend their night was confined to polite conversation.

Theta figured she didn't have to worry too much after a friendly paparazzi texted her this picture of Leroy enjoying a plasma fruit. At least he's not feeding on her daughter and that's good enough for now.

The next day was the start of a whole new weekend (already?!) so Theta and Cleo set off to start setting some things right. First stop: Library! Theta walked Cleo through the job-finding process and got her a job as a kindergarten teacher. Cleo is a shy sim (really) and little kids aren't terribly intimidating so it works out great for her. Without a garden to tend Theta registered as a professional self-employed sculpter.

After a quick trip to city hall to finish the registration process Theta was surprised to find Cleo staring at her strangely. When asked why she was dressed like a 50-year-old homemaker Theta could only stare dumbly at her apron. Cleo suggested she get a make-over to look more like the hip, young, single sculptress that she is. So proper furniture shopping was put off a bit longer as they trekked across town to the very salon where Theta was given her previous identity changing makeover. This time, however, she was in Cleo's hands.

Theta's lived so long and been through so much she had actually forgotten that she was, in fact, still young! Between the two of them they came up with a new look that was both shocking and fitting. Perhaps Cleo was hoping that a bold look for Theta would draw some attention away from her . . . even if that's the case it still looks good.

After that little side adventure they finally made their way to the furniture shop and with the money they had both saved up managed to furnish the whole house. Only thing was to wait for the delivery trucks to come the next day. (Sunday delivery? Insanity!) So they both went home and passed out after the day's excitement. . . . which left the door wide open for a bit of teenage shenanigans. Sapphire's birthday was supposed to be in two days, but in Sims 3 (I forget if it's also true in 2) that means that a sim can buy themself a birthday cake and age up early. And that's exactly what young miss Sapphire did. She wasn't going to wait any longer to be with Leroy and she certainly was not going to go to school on Monday and only Monday of next week. She was ready now!

After the age transition and a quick makeover she called up Leroy and asked him out on a proper adult date. Not yet sure if this is regular old necking or something more serious.

The next morning Theta gave Cleo a gift. A life fruit. But just as Cleo was about to remove the ribbon and open the box Sapphire stumbled in through the front door wearing dark sunglasses (at sunrise?) and looking a bit pale. She mumbled something unintelligable and stumbled off to bed. . . . .

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  1. oh noes! sapphire with sunglasses at *sunrise* after spending the night with a vamp?! hmm. probably just hungover. yeah.

    and i got it. ;)


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