Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Awesomeness Part 29

After a little real-life hiatus, it's time to check in on Theta and her family. To recap: Theta and Nels had just made up after he accused her of cheating on him; Leo has moved into an apartment building across town; Nels Jr is doing quite well in school and is even captain of the debate team; Rebecca was sent to La Fromage Art School and has been boarding there; and Sapphire has a vampiric boyfriend with whom she spends as much time as possible. Is that everything? I believe so.

To increase his job performance and hopefully nail a promotion before retirement, Nels has been interviewing sims around town (and digging through their garbage) to compile as-complete-as-possible dossiers on as many citizens as possible. Even in his plain clothes there are some sims to react strangely to his questions . . .

It is said that ignorance is bliss. Perhaps the gleaned knowledge he's gained has soured Nels' once airy disposition. He's been spending a lot of time at the bar after work. Not like his children really need him at home; but I would like to see him play a round of darts once in a while. Instead he just sits at the bar. Drinking.

Did I mention how much time Sapphire has been spending with her little boyfriend, Leroy? That's his name. Leroy. I don't know about him, but he hasn't been mean or degrading, Sapphire's kept her grades up. They're going to prom together.

Nels Jr has finally aged up to a young adult. His already been offered an advanced internship at the local business office. No mail sorting for this guy, he's starting out consulting with the CEO's defence team. He thanks Theta for all she's done for him and speeds away into his future.

He barely makes it off the lot before Theta and Nels decide to head back to Egypt for an overdue vacation. Surely they can trust Sapphire on her own for two days in the middle of the week, right? Well, maybe they could have told her they were leaving . . .

Thursday night when she returns from school to an empty house she decides she's earned herself a little party. So she invited all of her friends (who I had not noticed until then were all boys), ordered a pizza and let loose for a few hours! Until, that is, some nosey neighbor called the police. Luckily she was able to break up the party before Officer Dunlap got there and given her father's position within the police force he was willing to dismiss the complaint without too much prodding.

The next night was prom and there was no way she was going to miss that. So she put on her best party dress, gussied herself up and practically shrieked with excitement (she is an exciteable sim, after all) when Leroy pulled up in a Limo to take them to the night to end all nights. At least as far as a teenage sim is concerned. They danced and drank punch and were crowned prom king and queen.

And would you look at that, Rebecca even got to come home from boarding school for the weekend. First thing she did was run to the fridge and scarf down 3 slices of cold pizza. I wonder if they feed their students at La Fromage . . .

Both Rebecca and Sapphire turned in early. Which is just as well because when Theta and Nels returned home there was just the biggest sim-fight I have ever seen. Nels had been very moody the whole flight home. Finally Theta asked him what his problem was and he accused her of cheating on him! AGAIN!! I was floored! Theta was livid. How could she have cheated on him when they just spent the last 48 hours in the same tent in the middle of the desert? To this he had no response. Just grabbed a bottle of nectar from the kitchen and grumbled his way up to bed.

Well, this is just unacceptable. She didn't know who else to turn to so she called her agent, whom she had not heard from since moving into this quant little farmhouse with the . . . with what she thought was the love of her life. The line was disconnected . . . . By this time it was already 5am so she changed into her gardening gear and went to work tending her plants. A chore which was, sadly, far less satisfying than it had been before their little trip.


  1. wow. things are really going downhill fast for Nels. at least all the kids are doing well.

  2. Oh yeah, even with there being so many the kids are doing great. I'm just very surprised because Nels is supposed to be "family oriented" and he just keeps doing these crazy things . . . .


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