Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awesomeness Part 28

All of Theta's preparations for her family's day at the park was well worth it. The fireworks display was beyond spectacular and could be seen all across Moonlit Shores.

And the creepy little gnome managed to find ways to amuse himself while the family was away. I didn't even know they could climb onto furniture . . .

The next day Nels took Theta out on a date to make up for his assenine behaviour. They had a romantic dinner at the bistro, took in a concert and even had time to catch a game at the stadium. It was nice for them to get to spend some time away from the kids and the house for a while.

Another week of school later brought about two birthdays. Rebecca is now a teenager. She's taken her dancing very seriously and was heartbroken when the public school didn't offer an afterschool dance course for high school students. Nothing even close. No gymnastics, no cheerleading . . . nothing. So after a long discussion Theta and Nels decided to enroll her in the Le Fromage Art Academy boarding school. She'll be able to fine tune both her dancing and painting skills while expanding her horizons and meeting new people with similar interests. She got to rest easy knowing her future is now just a little more certain.

The other big birthday was Leo's transition into young adulthood! The first of their children is ready to head out and make his own way in life. They helped him pick out a nice apartment, gave him a decent starter car and wished him the best of luck. He doesn't look quite as at ease as his sister, but I'm sure he'll be okay.

Nels Jr. has been making great academic strides. Maintaining his position on the honor roll and is now the president of the debate team! It hurts me deeply that he won't be able to attend college. Sapphire swiftly followed her sister into those rough teenage years, but has yet to really find her niche. So, first things first Theta teaches her how to drive.

This first step to freedom, I fear, may have opened up a huge can of worms. Just as soon as she got back from her driving test Sapphire redecorated her room. Not a terrible leap, but she did spend more on furniture than is in the rest of the house. Side note: Since we can now adjust the height of wall hangings, sims are free to create a whole collage effect. Now if they'd just add a few more teen-appropriate posters and stuff . . .

Back to Sapphire . . . as a normal teenage girl she's been spending a lot of time on the phone. As it turns out, she's been spending a lot of time on the phone with a boy. Not just any boy; a vampire boy. Oh boy . . . you'd think dating a vampire would be tricky for someone with a curfew, but no. Sapphire has her mother's determination and managed to find a hot spot open early so they could stay out of the sun during the day.

And stargazing just as soon as the sun sets. Don't they look cozy?

Not only that, in sim world apparently gender is not an issue when it comes to organizing slumber parties. Just because they're teenagers is no reason for the date to end at the door. Right? I think the look on Nels' face clearly shows how he feels on the topic of inter-gender sleepovers . . .

Perhaps it's the young vamp's fear of Sapphire's cop-father. Perhaps he's just a good kid. Either way after brushing his teeth he declined Sapphire's invitation to share her outrageously huge bed and opted instead to sleep in Leo's old room for the night. Just as well. It's Sunday night and they both need their sleep for school the next day.

I guess only time will tell how this little puppy love plays out, and if he will indeed be a good influence or not.

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