Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awesomeness Part 26

So, after a longer-than-intended hiatus we return to Theta and her climb towards awesomeness. With all of the child-juggling I've had a hard time finding truly significant screenies so please bear with me as I catch you up. If anybody is following this for the sim technicalities then you might like to know that after that last conversation I sent Theta to France for two weeks (I needed a break from the kids whether she did or not) and she spent the whole time reading. No other skill building. Just reading. And unless some new books are available because of the Generations ep, she's read them all. Guess I should check the bookstore . . .

Sometimes the only thing that is really beneficial for a sim (or, indeed, a human being) is getting away and clearing your head. The impromptu Chinese sojourn was just what Theta needed to rebalance and get her head back on her family. So it's bigger than she expected, sometimes that's ok. They have the means to care for each of their children (due mostly to selling off celebrity freebies) and each child is well-balanced and given the individual attention they need. So why worry? Shortly after Nels and Theta's late night discussion their oldest, Leo, made that ever important transition from child to teenager. Isn't he so handsome?

After the gardening was completed and the children were all tucked in, Theta decided to go for a little walk around town. Her growing garden and family had kept her so busy she thought it might be nice to go for a stroll and see how things had changed. As it turns out . . . not a lot. But that's okay, too. Not every small town has to grow into a megalopolis. There was one thing she did notice across the river. Where once stood a children's activity center (cleverly decorated to look like a castle) now stood . . . a former children's activity center for sale.

With no one else around (and without a "No Trespassing" sign posted) she thought it couldn't hurt to venture inside and see what condition the old building was in. The outside needed some work, but the structure looks sound enough. Turns out the inside was in good shape too. And very spacious. She thinks this old building would make the perfect art retreat right here in town and vows to visit City Hall and see what she needs to do to make that happen.

Nels has grown weary of the firefighting game and is concidering a change of venue. He's already a town hero, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate his dreams and see if perhaps there is something safer he could be doing while still helping people. Would be a shame to burn to death with so many little ones counting on him . . .

After a very loooong weekend of family fun juggle time, around comes Monday and a very interesting bit of mail. City hall has coupled with the police station to perform a sort of experiment in Moonlit Shores. Households with teenagers are all encouraged to participate in an effort to develope more responsible young people. Nels and Theta would be given 2 free days in the vacation destination of their choice and leave Leo in charge of the household while they're away. They discuss the proposition with Leo and he's sure he can handle things. (Sure, a kid and two toddlers, easiest thing in the world for a teenager to manage) So they decide to give him a shot (the police department is issuing nanny cams for participating households, just in case) and leave for parts unknown for two days. I must say, Leo did very well. The gardening may have suffered, but Leo did a fantastic job taking care of his two little sisters.

Even Nels Jr pitched in to help his big brother out. Dressing up as an astronaut turns emptying the potty chair into a deep space haz-mat adventure!

But kids will be kids so it's not entirely unexpected when "supper" means "ice-cream" . . . .

And this may be the reason he went totally cross-eyed during his age transition animation . . . .

Rebecca has also aged up into a very darling little girl. She has so many interests and hobbies now! And though you can't quite see it she looks a lot like her father, taking on both his hair and eye color. It is quite striking on her.

Nels Jr it turns out looks more like his mother. And as a freshly minted teen he's exploring his own identity. While Leo has signed up for after school study courses to help improve his GPA, Nels Jr has signed up for the debate team.

With all that's been going on I'd all but forgotten about that creepy little Pharaoh Gnome. Here he is being particularly disturbing. And rumor has it the new ep has given even gnomes the ability to have families so . . . I'm gonna have to keep my eye on him.

The family is falling into it's own rhythms and everyone is doing well. Nels has left the fire station, opting instead for the police force. A far safer job since the worst criminals in Moonlit Shores are thieves. Leo and Nels Jr are finding their respective niches in high school and Rebecca is thriving in elementary school. Little Sapphire is still learning and marveling at the world around her and none of the other children have so much as hinted at the oddness of her green hair. She's their sister and that's all that's important to them. Theta has almost reached gardening perfection and still spends every morning tending to her plants, and every evening tending to her family. At night she coordinates with the local contractor and interior designer regarding her recently acquired (and newly opened!) Art Retreat. She tries not to think too deeply about her taste for Life Fruit . . . things are going well enough at the moment.

Spoiler Alert

That bit about the "town experiment" was 50% made up. I mention that in case anyone is actually trying to glean information for the new ep. The adults were given a 2 day vacation allowing the "teens of the household" a chance to . . . I guess prove themselves. The bit about City Hall and the police and nanny-cams was all me. I think, perhaps, it's a standard random event because as soon as they left Leo got the "want" to have a teenager party while the "parents are away". I don't suppose the parents being away long enough for a party is something that comes up a lot on it's own.

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  1. i want to have a teenager party, too. :(
    but kudos to leo for keeping everything together. that really is a nice family you've got there.


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