Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another hole in my head

I think my grandma would cry if she were alive and saw what I just did to my ears. Actually . . . she always knew when I got my ears pierced because her ears would burn for days after. I wonder if they still do that? Anyway, I'm going to try something a little different. Since I already uploaded my pics to facebook I'm going to see if they let me link to them. Maybe; maybe not. Ow . . . . ok I just got a single, random, stabby pain in my ear so I think maybe grandma is watching. lol If that's the case: I love you, grandma; and I miss you. And yes, I did indeed need another hole in my head. :)

. . . . oh yeah, my saga. Remember Tammy? The poor soul who had such a hard time piercing my belly button? Well today was the day I paid her another visit. This one decidedly less disgusting but not terribly less stressful than the last. She didn't think to ask what size the rings were and I didn't think to mention it myself so I get there to find that she doesn't have the right size needles. No big deal. Quick trip out and back and voila: Needles. So I explain I want two in my left ear spaced evenly with the three already there. No problem. Mark 'em up and 1-2-3 and ta~da! Easy as pie. The kind you make by putting instant pudding in a premade crust. Really easy pie. Anyway, here's my new left ear:

OK, screw fb, back to photobucket . . . . 2 seconds . . . .

There we are. Those top two are the new ones. Didn't hurt at all, actually barely felt them. Still don't. Have to keep stopping myself from tugging on them already. Now . . . my right ear wasn't as cooperative. Oh, it was at first. Needle slid right in. Barely felt that, too. Just the part where the hoop replaces the needle was a bit problematic. Stupid skin kept sliding out of place and mis-aligning the holes. But Tammy's a trooper and she kept at it 'til finally everything lined up.

Can you see it up there? Up at the top? Between the red ball, reddish ear and pink hair it's kind of incognito. But it looks amazing. Now my ears look just the way I always imagined since I was a little girl. Yes I said I'd try to get video of the process, but Aaron stayed here to make dinner for my mom. Ah well. I have another video idea brewing in my skull. Less gruesome and meaningful, but it could be fun anyway.


  1. i've always wanted multiple holes in my ears, too, but ya know... needles.... i commend your bravery and they look great!

  2. Thanks :D And if you ever feel brave enough or want to celebrate (like, say, your newfound wellness when it comes) just say the word and I'll be there to hold your hand.

  3. I have my cartilage pierced. I had it done when I was 19. Hurt like hell!! If I sleep on it wrong it hurts the next day. I love it though. I have a Mickey Mouse earring up there.

    1. I don't know about your belly button experience, but mine was awesome!! I didn't even feel it. Again, I have a Mickey Mouse ring in there (notice a trend?? lol)

    2. OMG Mine was AWFUL! LOL I had pierced it myself in high school and that didn't work out so well so I had a lot of scar tissue that didn't come through with the needle so she ended up pushing it out with the hoop... there was a loud POP and she almost vomited right on me. It didn't hurt 'til the next day, but man it took forever and I know she was getting frustrated. I would have been so embarrassed if we weren't friends already.


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