Monday, June 20, 2011

And we're back

At least, that's what I would have said by now had we gone and I think that factor, coupled with last night's mental/emotional dumping, is helping me feel much less on edge than I have this past weekend. So I didn't get out of the state for three days. So I don't have a slew of pictures of new and interesting places and things. At this moment right now I'm sitting where I would have been anyway and as depressing as that could be . . . it's also kind of comforting.

I had an weird dream featuring this girl Sabrina I went to school with. Her dad (who's passed now) was our history teacher sometime during middle school. We were having some kind of sleepover in a small community center somewhere and I was kind of sad because it was our last day of school and even though the past years felt like they had taken forever I could still remember the first day quite clearly. I think I started to cry before waking up.

I'm not sure at which point during the night/morning I ended up tugging on my ear. The pain wasn't enough to wake me, at least. I did wake up with a whole lot of blood in my ear, though. Cleaned right up and everything's okay. It was the cartiledge piercing which I knew was going to be the more problematic one. The other two are a little tender if/when I touch them, but otherwise they're just fine.

Things are supposed to cool off a bit this coming week. Even so I should probably take a shower and shave so I can wear my shorts . . . Yes. The shorts I bought when I went girly shopping with Sandy and Brak. :) If it's clean I can even wear the shirt I picked up that day. Trying to stick to shirts with nice stretchy neck holes.


  1. i wanna go girly shopping again! *pout* i'm sorry your vacation never was. :( i hope mine was good for vicarious kicks and someday we will take one together. and post joint blogs and pics. same topic, two viewpoints. it'll be a hoot!

  2. That would be awesome! :) And your vacation going so well was nice for me, too. Hey, maybe we can roadtrip to Ohio, kidnap the Sandy and kill two birds! ;)


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