Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To the Island!

You know what's a fun hobby? Well . . . yes, Sims, obviously. Aside from that, I mean. Going to the lake! We've been going quite a bit and, for me, it just does not stop being fun. I love the fresh air, the walking, the sound of the waves lapping at the shore. Lately we've been going at night, enjoying the stars and the crisp air coming off of the water. Today we went during the day. Quite a different sight. Of course . . . for some of you my blogged daytime pics are all you see of it, but it's hard to get really good night-time pictures. I'll find a way to do something special for you guys. Until then, here are some pics from today's trip. Not only to the lake, but the "island" of our youth. I say "island" (for those of you who don't know) because it's only an island sometimes. If the water's low enough there's a landbridge that'll take you right to it. No swimming or boat required. First a couple of pics heading toward the water from the path. You can start to see the landbridge visible from a bit away.

These next to are taken from each end of the landbridge. In the first one you can kind of see Aaron off to the left. That's Ricky in the second one.

Here is the shoreline on the back of the island.

Now, for those of you who used to go to the lake in our teenage years, remember that big tree we used to pitch our tents under? Here it is. Not so impressive anymore, but amazingly there's still kind of a clearing around it!

Now some random shots of the area from where I was sitting.

And for absolutely no reason at all, a picture of my hand's shadow.

Two pictures of the sky.

And for those of you are here directly from facebook because of that pic I mentioned . . . . here it is. If you look closely (please don't lol) you can see the bit of pink I picked up in my cheeks.

And as a special treat here's a quick video of the waves right up next to the shore.

And for those of you who are just so enthralled by those mundane things I do (STALKERS!! hehehe) the pipe is fixed and I did get the door hung. I still have to fix the latchy part on the doorframe (opposite the hinges . . . duh) so it latches shut, but it hangs and swings and doesn't wobble. Yay me!

All in all a great day. Now to get back to what I had originally intended when I sat down at the computer. :-)


  1. yay pics! i didn't get to go to the lake much (darn curfew!) but i still have fond memories. and gee, thanks for bursting my bubble and telling me that's just ricky. i thought it was a wandering buddha :p

  2. lol Sorry. He doesn't kind of have that wandering Buddha look to him, doesn't he?


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