Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now my fingers smell

Like denture cleaner you pervs. lol I think that was the first thing that struck me. I was expecting something minty but my mom's denture tablets smelled kind of funky. I only used a little bit of water hoping to get the most out of the cleaning power of whatever they put in there. I soaked my nails for a bit first. About 20 seconds or so. Didn't want to bleach my fingertips if it got to that. Then I dipped the buffer brush and went to buffing. I do think Brak was right and that it may be cumulative (scientific method be damned!), but I am starting to see a difference. Mostly toward the bottom where the nails would be less stained-through to begin with, but it's a start. Can you see it?

I'm wondering if the buffing is helping make them stronger. Or maybe it's the lack of enamel. I haven't gotten any devestating splits since I started my little experiment. Or maybe I just did a good enough job when I clipped them and got under the worst of the damage. Either way I'm happy for it. I'm not thrilled about something I noticed yesterday, though. I was looking at my nails and up in the white part, mostly on the sides, I noticed some see-through parts. Is this nail weakness? Something I can fix? Or just one of those things? I don't know. I did pick up the zinc, though, and took the first tablet last night so hopefully they'll start to get stronger anyway. Oh, and I also remembered to buff the underside. Yay me!

On a semi-related note, I found something for my hair. Two somethings actually. I found a hair mask (masque?) at Dollar Tree, firstly. It did the same thing to me that the Feria conditioner did. When my hair's wet it feels really soft and is manageable and seems like it's going to be okay, but then once it dries I turn into frizzy mushroom head. It is softer, so I'm not frizzy STRAW head and that's good. I still don't like that my hair sticks out and doesn't bend like normal hair. I'll get a pic to show you I can hold my hair up or out and it just points. Awful stuff. I had my mom trim it a bit to get rid of the split ends and that helped a bit, too. I also found this Garnier Smoothing Milk while I was searching for something else earlier. It does help control the frizz a bit, but at this point it's not doing a whole lot. Since I can't shave my head at the moment (for various reasons) I think I'm going to just give it a color break (unless I Manic Panic it some crazy color while it's all blonde now) and just let it grow. Cut off the blonde while I've got a definitive line and see what my hair looks like normal. I've . . . kind of forgotten.

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  1. mushroom head is better than a straw head cause mushrooms are edible *noms*!!


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