Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nail Quest 2

I've been poking around the internets looking for cheap, easy little tricks to getting my nails whiter. I've found a few. Most of them seem logical. Also gotten a tip from my Brak that I have to remember to pick up at some point. Once I get out of the house I become horribly forgetful. Zinc. There, I typed it. Now I'll remember.

Last time (2 days ago?) I tried baking soda and hand soap. The results were unimpressive. Today (10 minutes ago) I tried baking soda and peroxide. I mixed them together into a paste and buffed, buffed, buffed. I wonder if I'm using the proper pressure with the buffing. The paste at least felt like it was doing something. My nails feel nice and clean, but are they any whiter?

I don't know. Kind of hard to tell. Yes, I'm putting them against white backgrounds on purpose. Perhaps I should be buffing the underneath, too . . . . didn't think about that. Ah well, next time. I've also been using olive oil to treat my hair (I think I killed it bleaching it 3 times in 3 days) and that's getting all over my hands as well. We'll see what that does, if anything. I know, I know; scientific method, too many variables. Well, life has too many variables. We'll get over it. Now I'm going to go straighten my hair (maybe) and lay down (possibly). I was going to sim, but . . . I dunno. Kind of sick of looking at the computer monitor.


  1. they look slightly whiter. keep on buffin'. maybe it's a cumulative thing?

  2. Probably. I've got the denture tablet to try tomorrow. :-)


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