Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Work Day

Before I get into the things I did today, I'd like to share with you a pic that was still on my phone from a while back. It's a view of the Austin Capitol building as seen from Guadalupe St. Just one or two blocks away.

So yesterday we woke up to a serious water leak under the house. I got the water turned off and discovered the general location of the leak, but had not yet pinpointed it's exact location. So that's the first thing I did today. Crawled under the house to locate the offending pipe. Well, the first thing I did was move aside the siding so I could crawl under there and peak around. Guess what I found!

Creepy disembodied doll arm! Also found some 13 year old beer cans and some cassette tapes. ABBA fell on my head. Yes, while I was under the house. So I crawled through the mud and made my way to the moistest area. I cut through the insulation and peaked around a bit with my flashlight. It took a while, but I soon found the problem.

Hey, the pipe's not broken! Just come apart. So we headed to Lowes and picked up some primer and cement and I crawled back under there and pieced the pipe back together. Still waiting for it to "cure" so I don't yet know if it worked, but at the time of this pic it at least looks good.

That's not my only home-improvement project. Since my sister's moved out it's time to fix that door! The whole doorway is so wrecked. I picked up some wood putty and filled in the top part. I don't know what I'm going to do to make it be able to latch, but as long as it opens and closes that's good, right?

I also picked up some long screws. As soon as this stuff dries I can start working on that. It really is a long time coming. Will make it easier to get in there for excercize as well. I just know that after I do this my mom's going to end up going in there tearing through all of my hard work stashing stuff . . . ah well. It's got to be done.


  1. you had to brave the dreaded ABBA attack! good work.

  2. I don't know which would horrify me more...an ABBA tape or a disembodied doll arm.

  3. Hey Dave! :-D Actually, I really like ABBA so it would have been like a gift except I don't have a working casette player.


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