Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Readers

It's that time again ("to make bubbles with our spit?"). Daddy's home for a week. Which means his laptop is eating up bandwidth. I don't know how. I don't know why. I don't mind except that I guess it being Memorial Day (weekend) his laptop's been running slow, too. Anyway, that means that updates will come slowly, if at all. So if you don't hear from me for a week, that's because I couldn't get anything to load up. But it's loading up now, so here we go. Note to self: copy before attempting to publish.

My nails are still naked. As is their habit, though, a few of them are starting to split. Okay okay okay, I've been a bit forgetful with the zinc. Maybe if I move the bottle to right in front of the computer. I did try the whitening toothpaste, though. Opted for the paste instead of the gel figuring it would be more abrasive. So after (nearly) a full week, here's where we are:

They do look a bit better, I think. At least in person. I painted my toenails, though. Bronze. :D Was going to do pink, but . . . meh. I saw the sparkles and couldn't help myself. I also ventured into another grooming endeavor. Not really a big experiment. I picked up some wax strips because my mustache was just getting to be too much to tweeze. While I was working on that I noticed a hair making it's way out of my nose. *ugh* So I cut up some teeny little strips, shoved them up there and *YANK*. No more nose hairs. Oh, it burned for a while; but the actually de-hairing didn't hurt nearly as much as I expected it to. Yeah yeah yeah, nose hairs are good, they filter debris and germs and blah blah blah. I had a hair poking out of my nose. I'm a girl! I'm not supposed to have wandering nose hairs! So away they went. They'll grow back and hopefully be a bit less agressive when they do.

My hair seems to be doing better. Actually . . . I skipped conditioning it the other day and it frizzed up a lot less. Still had to straighten it for the drive to Dallas (why do I want to look presentable when stuck in the car for 6 hours? Elephino.) but it wasn't a huge mess to begin with. *shrugs* The manic panic is actually really good for hair so I've been contemplating a drastic color option. I just really don't know yet. I know Aaron hates when I get stared at like a freak so I want to go kind of understated if possible. I have time to decide, though. I'm going to use that to disguise the new growth. Once it gets growthy enough to be noticeably ugly.

Sims blog will be coming up shortly. The new ep is being released tomorrow and I have the family sitting ready. Ran the malware scanner, the disc space thing and the defragmenter (repeatedly). So the comp's about as ready as it can be for the impending installation. Things to look forward to!

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