Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awesomeness Part 25

Didn't quite expect Theta's story to get quite this far. Is it still interesting? I think so, but then I have the pleasure of playing. Theta, on the other hand, is ready for a break. Which, after finishing the day's gardening, is exactly what she did. Took a break. Just walked out the front door and went on vacation.

She took the first plane out of Moonlit Shores and as luck would have it when she awoke from a nap she found herself in Shang Simla. In case you haven't been paying as much attention as I have (again, I'm the one playing) she still has some books to purchase here and then she'll have them all! But first . . . just as soon as she got settled in her Chinese vacation home she decided to give Nels a call and let him know where she was. So he wouldn't worry. Nels was completely understanding; told her to take as much time as she needed and he'd handle the household while she was away.

Now, it may not be the "hip new" thing to do anymore, but sometimes when you're stressed and need a change you just have to shave your head and bang on some drums to let it all out. And that's exactly what Theta did for three days straight. I took my earphones out while she got that out of her system.

Being in Shang Simla there are many ways to recaptivate that feeling of zen. Meditation, koi fishing, or the relaxing sand zen garden. Except when you're dealing with a sim who's not in their right frame of mind sometimes she'll go ahead and dig into the foundation, because the middle of the living room is a perfectly logical place to put a zen garden.

I guess it's okay, because it actually did help a little. As her hair started growing back she took up her guitar and polished off the rest of her guitar skill. Good girl. Another rung on the awesome ladder has been climbed.

She made it through a handful of the easier books. Her goal, of course, being mental stability instead of mental stretching. Little victories to make her feel good and relax. Why, she barely even noticed that pesky little paparazzo hanging around outside the window.

Out of the blue she wanted to learn how to paint. She set her fancy new easel up on the 2nd story balcony and start flinging paint at canvas. As the paintbrush strokes went from eratic to flowing so did her thoughts. She found herself able to think about Geo, Jaimey and the recently deceased Simone calmly and even pleasantly. As the days went by she mentaly went through her life and where it's taken her. All she's accomplished. Her growing new family. Four children isn't too many, but then there's Sapphire. How is she going to explain Sapphire to Nels? More paint . . . another canvas . . . There really should be a place in Moonlit Shores for artistic expression . . . skills and jobs and children . . . more paint. Before she knew it vacation time was over. Time to head home and take care of her family.

After the clan was fed and tucked in Nels and Theta decided it was time to sit down and have a talk. Because they're a family and things have not been right. And as a wise and wonderful friend once affirmed to me, "Marriage hard." Here is how that conversation went:
N: I'm glad to have you back, honey. How do you feel?
T: Much better, thank you. I hope the children weren't too much trouble.
N: No trouble at all. Leo was a great help.
T: I'm glad. Sorry to up and leave like that. I just had to get away after .....
N: After Sapphire? Look, Ander . . .
T: I don't know what happened! I swear I haven't chea-
N: I know. Ander, I'm sorry. I didn't get a vasectomy after Rebecca. But-
T: Oh thank goodness. *SIGH* I was starting to think it was karma . . .
N: Karma?
T: Yeah. You see, Nels, I have . . . a secret.
N: What . . . kind of secret?
T: My name isn't really Ander Ungen. It's . . . Theta M.
N: You're Theta?! No way. . . .
T: *SSSSHHHHH* I had to get away from all the fame and attention and . . . well, I had a bit of a freakout and abandoned my last family. That's why I had to get away. I saw Sapphires green hair [A-HA! So that's what she was hiding] and it all came rushing back and-
N: So that's why her hair is green. Theta-
T: Ander
N: Ander, sorry, honey. I never thought you cheated on me. I just felt so bad because I got you pregnant again and then you went kind of crazy and I just felt so bad!
T: Well, maybe you deserved to feel bad. Lying to me like that.
N: Wait, but-
T: No buts. You better be snipped now. I'm doing a scar check before we woohoo again.
N: Oh I am now. Ander, I never meant to hurt you. Please, this family means everything to me. No more secrets?
T: No more secrets.
(they kiss)
N: I just have one question.
T: No, no questions. I am Ander Ungen, your loving wife and mother of your children. Whatever I was before that will stay in the past. For the sake of our children.
N: Ok honey. But, uh, what are we going to do about Sapphire's hair?
T: I'll take care of it. Do you trust me?
N: I do trust you.
(they kiss again)
T: Let's go to bed.
N: Thank goodness. I'm exhausted.
(they laugh and go to bed. No woohooing this night.


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