Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Awesomeness Part 24

Theta's life, and by extension those around her, has become fairly interesting. Sometimes no matter how simple and straightforward a plan seems . . . things can still go awry. Since I've started this whole family-centered phase of Theta's life things have started to take on a life of their own. This is both exciting and disturbing. I was hoping to be able to turn Nels into a cop so I wouldn't have to keep switching to him (firefighting is an active profession, police work takes place in a rabbit hole), but if I want to try and fulfill his lifetime wish then a fireman he will stay. He's doing quite well and the city of Moonlit shores has recognized this. Notice the medal and ribbon. (If I had shelves like they gave us in 2's Bon Voyage I could also display here his "key to the city"; but I don't)

Between the two of them, Nels and Theta are doing quite well jugglling their children. Both Leo and Nels Jr. were potty trained and learned to walk and talk before the newest member arrived. Speaking of new members, I am proud to present to you Theta's first birthed girl! Her name is Rebecca.

Rebecca's a sweet girl, but like any infant still demands a lot of attention. Which is why Theta was so glad when Nels said he got a vasectomy. Three children are more than enough. But wait . . . if Nels got a vasectomy then why does Theta suddenly feel the now-familiar twinges of new life growing inside of her?

What on earth is with THAT outfit?! I'm not the only one who's concerned. Nels is thinking perhaps he really should have gotten that vasectomy as it appears that pregnancy is starting to take it's toll on Theta's mental well being. Seriously. Look in his eyes! Coming home to this was enough to convince him that, yeah, more kids would be bad. Looks like they both have a dirty little secret now . . .

During this final pregnancy Nels has been extra diligent caring for the children and also caring for Theta. Even though he feels bad about lieing he is very family oriented and tickled pink about the upcoming fourth child.

Physically the pregnancy and birth were unremarkable. No extreme nausea or ongoing back pains. Mentally . . . I'm not sure. Aside from her . . . creative clothing choice I'd like to point out that Theta has yet to let me actually see the child. Is there something wrong with it? Is everything okay?! Or is this just a result of her (hopefully) mini-mental breakdown. All I know is that it was a girl and her name is Sapphire. I also know I'm not too crazy about this look she gave me when trying to capture a pic of Sapphire for posterity.

Regardless, the Unger family is now six strong and while Theta is still on her path-to-awesomeness she's going to be living here until she reaches Level 10 of the gardening career path. Because I'm still god and I say so, damnit! Of course the quant little farmhouse was never intended to house so many sims. Easy enough to build a third floor with some bedrooms for the growing children. Rebecca is still a toddler and shares her room with Sapphire, but Leo and Nels Jr have moved into their own rooms upstairs.

Nels Jr is turning into quite the little tech savvy kiddo. Actually, a computer was the FIRST thing he wanted! Luckily this little space under the stairs was just big enough for a desk. I'm a little concerned about the amount of time he's spent under the stairs, but school starts for him soon and he should make some friends there.

I think Nels still feels a bit guilty about knocking his wife up and making her a touch loopy . . . he's been running the house almost single-handedly. He's hoping that the routine of gardening will help even her out. And using her perfect quality fruits to make this fruit parfait couldn't hurt either. You are what you eat, right?

Just as soon as Theta lets me I'll get you a picture of little Sapphire. In the meantime I'll be monitoring her behavior closely for any more anomolies. Rest assured this will not be the end of Theta/Ander. Not just yet.

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  1. HA! crime scene tape. good luck sorting her out. looks like it might take a bit of doing.


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