Sunday, May 15, 2011

Awesomeness Part 23

Halfway through the training session Theta just could not stay awake anymore and had to take a nap. By the time she awoke her trainee was nowhere to be found. Some people just have no respect for the strains of pregnancy. (Incidently, I'm one of them. I'd have walked out too.)

Perhaps her fatigue can be explained by the contractions that hit her later that evening. The pregnancies really just fly by, don't they?

Within hours they were blessed with a second baby boy. Everybody please welcome Nels Jr. I know it's awfully stereotypical of me with this being the second child and all, but I do not remember his traits and never checked for his zodiac sign. So sorry.

Would you believe that Nels was trying to woohoo the very next night?! Sure he's a city-wide hero what with the life saving and all, but seriously? Here you can clearly see Theta telling him "I swear, you had better pull out this time."

Which he did. And so Theta made it through another day un-pregnant. Perhaps it was fate stepping in. Perhaps I took it personally when she said her life felt like a project. Whatever the reason it would appear that this massage relaxed more than Nels' back . . .

Leo and Nels Jr are doing just fine. They're growing up and learning to walk, talk and use the bathroom with speeds I've never seen. This is due in part to Nels helping out with the child rearing. He's reached Level 10 of the firefighter profession and can now work from home. He's got his own fire truck and an alarm in the kitchen connected directly to the fire station. He still goes in once a week to maintain the station's equipment, but for the most part he is home to help. Here's the growing little ones. Aren't they cute?

It's a good thing, too, otherwise I'd almost feel bad about this pregnancy. It's been pretty rough on Theta and I'm not sure why. She just started showing (look at her almost-appropriate maternity wear!) and this is her 5th bout of nausea.

On the bright side Leo is a child now and can more or less take care of himself. I've also helped the family out a bit by selling off some of the promotional freebies that Theta's been sent for being a celebrity. Her agent has eased up on the jobs for the moment so Theta is free to care for her rapidly growing family. Even so she does look more than a little concerned here, doesn't she? No worries, she's tough. I'm sure everything will be okay.


  1. yay! almost appropriate maternity wear. let's hope for a girl next time. that's what? three boys now?

  2. lol Yep. Birthed 3 boys and adopted a girl. XD


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