Friday, May 13, 2011

Awesomeness Part 22

We're back! Good thing, too, because a lot has happened lately. So let's get to it, then. As it turns out gardening and firefighting aren't exactly big money-making endeavors. So, with another mouth to feed Nels decided to venture out into East Moonlit Shores and see if there was anything useable at the Salvage (Junk) Yard.

He's still incredibly excited about the upcoming baby, despite his monetary apprehensions. He's quite diligent about making sure Theta is comfortable as possible during these last days.

She, on the other hand, isn't happy just sitting around the house all day. After the morning's chores have finished (including all of the gardening) she likes to throw on her more outdoor-appropriate althetic outfit and head to the park for some reading. The fresh air is good for the baby, after all.

In between handling emergencies, Nels decided to make use of the Fire Station's inventing bench. Maybe he can turn some of that extra scrap into a cute new toy for the baby!

Sooner than I expected Theta went into labor. Nels kind of freaked out a bit, but Theta got them all to the hospital with plenty of time to spare. It was an easy birth. Let me introduce Leo Unger (I have no idea why Nels took her last name, he was the one to initiate the marriage -_-) a beautiful baby boy. Sagitarius. He's brave like his daddy and a tad eccentric . . .

After the previous night's excitement Nels got no chance to rest. The very next day he had his first real fire emergency. With sims in danger and everything!! Here he is carrying a child to safety.

Happy to be alive and rarin' to go after days of celibacy, Nels promptly jumps on Theta just as soon as he gets home. Aren't newlyweds cute? Unfortunately, once again, the little jingle bells of conception . . . Nels certainly has some robust little sim-spermies.

As it's turning out this quant little farmhouse isn't quite big enough for their (rapidly) growing family. I'm not sure if you can see, but here are the before and after pictures of the renovations. I did away with the 2nd story balcony to extend the rooms up there, making the "baby" room bigger and adding a T-shaped spare room which will just be big enough for a bed and dresser once Leo grows up. I also did a bit of landscaping. Turning their dirt lawn into grass and planting a cute little flowerbed in front.

It appears that Theta has a penchant for innapropriate maternity wear as she sports this silver . . . . something. It kind of looks like a mermaid unitard? Definitely going back to her athletic gear. (and possibly digging around to see if I can uninstall this rediculous monstrosity)

Finally things calmed down enough for Nels to take his frivolous inventions to the consignment store. You know, the one where Geo used to work. The new attendant is also blue, but unrelated as far as I know. He didn't get much for his trinkets, but with yet another baby on the horizon, every little bit helps.

Now I've been getting rather unlucky with Nels. He'll do a "quick burst" workout and get good and sweaty (stinky) and then the alarm would go off so he'd have to fight the fire reaking of man-sim-stink. Until finally one day he managed to finish his workout and take a shower before the call-to-arms. After 2 weeks he finally got to slide down the pole! WHHEEEEEE!!!!

Between being pregnant and caring for a now-toddler Theta still manages to keep her garden up to par. She planted a few omni-plants and with little else better to do she fed the plants anchovies. Can you see the little buggers growing on there?

And between all that she had a visitor who wants Theta to train her. Why not, right? Many of her friends have aged and died over the past couple of weeks so it never hurts to make new ones. That's actually what she's doing now. Paused in the middle of helping this sim lose some weight.

On a personal note this growing family is getting to be a bit much for me. I don't usually create big sim-families because it's a lot to juggle. I'm trying to push myself, though, and I want to see how big a family I can handle before Nels gets too old. Granted male sims can procreate all the way into Elderhood (sexism!!), but I don't want him to die and leave Theta with a slew of kids to care for. I do see at least one more kid in their future. Perhaps . . . no, I'll keep that for myself. ;)

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  1. wait.. you mean *three* kids?!?! that's a lot. even in sims 2 terms, it's a lot. and sims 3 is so much more complex. good luck with that. and good luck finding and destroying that bizarre mermaid thing.


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