Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awesomeness Part 21

After spending so much time indoors they were both getting a bit stir crazy. What better way to spend a day than at the newly un-haunted Museum? Nels' favorite exhibits were in the Chinese wing. He had never seen anything like it, having previously spent his whole life in Egypt.

As a native of Egypt he was perfectly equipped to let Theta in on some little known facts about the artifacts and works of art displayed in the Egyptian wing. He wasn't the least bit uppity about his nation's treasures residing in France; being grateful that they were protected and on display for anyone to see and learn about his culture.

One of the more interesting exhibits was this large vase situated at the end of a dark hallway beyond the bathrooms. Neither one of them was quite sure what to make of it or why it was set so carefully away from everything else. They were, however, quite intrigued by the face carved on the vase and stood there for quite some time admiring it.

In an effort to make their final day in Champs le Sims special, Theta whipped up a delightful Angel Food Cake.

And since the plane didn't leave until midnight they both took a quick nap to make sure they were well rested and ready to go.

Back home things began to progress very quickly. As Nels read some pregnancy books, Theta found herself overcome with morning sickness. A sure sign of the little one in her belly.

Nels is very nervous and unsure of his role in the whole pregnancy thing. Though Theta's already had one child she tries to find supportive things for him to do. She's not quite showing yet, but she is happy to help me demonstrate why I'm less than thrilled that we have absolutely no say in a pregnant sims maternity "wardrobe". Seriously? A silk nighty? With her hiking boots, no less. I know one of the options is tights and a t-shirt. That would have been way more appropriate for a career gardener.


  1. she's pregnant and she'll wear whatever she damn well pleases!! she does look absurd, at least in sims 2 they were all pants and shirts- only the color was a surprise.


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