Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Awesomeness Part 20

Before I officially begin this installment; Nels had an interesting fire-call I'd like to share. Anybody recognize this lot? hehehe


Contrary to how she'd lived her life up to this point, Theta was finding herself quite enjoying having a strong, male sim around. He's stable and comforting and it's made her feel . . . almost like a girl. (As opposed to a woman who's had to do everything on her own and be the main support for the rest of the household) So when he came home and announced that he'd arranged for the two of them to visit France for a week, she could hardly contain her decidedly girlish excitement.

First, however, they had to make it through Friday. A day which brought on an[other] interesting fire-call. Not to a fire, but still . . . . something of an emergency. Turns out there was a mad scientist living in one of the high-rise apartment buildings that was experimenting on garden gnomes. The gnomes got angry and got loose and he had to capture them all.

Yes, quite odd; and I am quite serious. Finally Saturday arrived and away they went to Champs le Sims. The most romantic city in the world (so far?). While they were unpacking (in Theta's vacation home, of course) Theta mentioned a tomb she had never been able to crack that was here. She thought that, with Nels' help, they just might be able to make it through. The thing about this tomb is that either by accident or design there just aren't enough pushable statues to unlock the door! Happy to help and excited about his first tomb Nels quickly agrees and they ride their bikes clear across town to a little staircase in the middle of a clearing. Finally, working cooperatively, she gets through that door!

As it turns out, the whole tomb was built to be explored by two sims as many of the puzzles required them to be in two different places working the switches and panels. Finally they made their way to this very unusual dive-pool. After disarming a couple of remaining traps they dove in, eager to see what was on the other side.

They ended up in some sort of cave. Full of traps, and grapes and gems and even some money trees! (Still no money tree seeds, I'm going to have to cheat-spawn some of those in the home town . . .) After collecting every bit of loot, and disarming every possible trap, they climbed four flights of stairs and found themselves on an island in the middle of the river. It was so peaceful and quite the magical place to find themselves. Even the "exquisitely unusual" butterflies they found here glowed!

After that massive trek they were both exhausted. Theta pitched her super fancy tent and they slept like kings (yes, really, that's the moodlet they got from that tent) through the night. The next morning as the sun was peaking over the horizon they both decided that atop the pile of ruins in the orange-gold glow of the rising sun would be the absolute perfect place for them to exchange their vows and rings. I mean, you just can not create a more romantic atmosphere.

After enjoying the serenity of their own private island for a while, picnicing on grapes harvested in the tomb, they decided perhaps they should head back to enjoy the rest of their vacation/honeymoon. They did take some time to unwind. Nels worked on upgrading some random appliances and excersizing a bit. Theta got it into her head to take up guitar. As she practiced in the garden she was so happy about how her new life was finally turning out it barely even crossed her mind that Jaimey had been one heck of a talented guitar player. She simply let the strings carry her mind peacefully away.

Just as it had been at home no matter what they each did during the day they still took time out at night to catch up and love on each other. And what would a proper honeymoon be without plenty of Woohoo? Well . . . I do believe on this particular night I heard the little jingle-bells of conception. That means 3 days of no-Woohoo and since she's "on vacation" she won't show until they get back. Still, pretty exciting.

As a natural cook, Nels has been eager to cook up any craved food Theta's thrown at him. Can even "kick it up a notch" for her. (which I'm personally against; still not being a fan of Emeril even after not having seen him in so long. However, the moodlet boost doesn't hurt) During the day they take it relatively easy. Actually enjoying their skill-building activities. Theta's devoured 5 more books (and spent 16,000 simoleons to acquire every French book) and is up to Level 5 guitar skill. Nels has learned a few more recipes, maxed out his mechanical skill and is at level 8 athletic. And even though conception has left them unable to Woohoo they still find time for each other every single night.


  1. why can't you woohoo after conception in sims 3? would seem like that's the perfect time to woohoo since you can't get any *more* preggers.

  2. I dunno . . . maybe it's only cuz it's on vacation so the pregnancy is kind of in limbo? I'll try again once they're back home.


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