Saturday, May 7, 2011

Awesomeness Part 19

Theta returns home and as she's still trying to shake off her jetlag she recieves a call she's not expecting. It's Nels. Apparently he has a proposition for her . . . is it just me or is Nels coming across as a bit stalkerish? He's in town on "business" and would like to see her.

She's too tired to go anywhere (and after all, she is a martial arts master) so she gives him her address and does what she can to make herself presentable while waiting for him to arrive. There must be something about this guy, because when she meets him on the porch she's overtaken with a bashful sort of joy. She can't help smiling and does not hesitate to greet him with a hug.

He explains that as he was telling his cousin about her, his cousin mentioned owning a farm in Moonlit Shores. Problem was, he didn't know the first thing about gardening so the property's sat vacant for years. If he knew of someone that could put the land to good use he'd be willing to give it up for cheap. After all, paying taxes on a property that no one's using is not only wasteful, but quite depressing. So Nels dipped into his savings, bought the deed to the farm, and flew out here on the next possible flight.
"I know how this must sound, now that I am hearing myself say it. Please, believe that all I want is to help you realize your dream."

Theta has some reservations, but she's sure it's nothing she can't handle. By the time she's packed up those things worth bringing with her she finds Nels has already started repairs and is quite impressed by his dedication. Perhaps this will turn out to be a good idea after all.

They work into the wee hours working on the irrigation system and planting the first crop of seeds. After their respective flights they're both too exhausted to argue and decide to go ahead and share the one bed.

The next morning, bright and early, the work starts again. Fertilizing the crops and watering those that weren't reached by the sprinklers. Nels continues the repairs and also starts upgrading some appliances inside. After the plants are taken care of she excuses herself to go register with City Hall as an independant gardener. Just because she's trying to relax doesn't mean she can't make a few simoleons off it.

While exiting City Hall she's surprised by a protest group that managed to converge while she was inside. I'm not sure what exactly they're protesting, but the picture of the assembled crowd was worth almost 100simoleons.

When she gets back to the farm, Nels is nowhere to be seen. It's almost dinner time so, hoping that he hasn't gone to eat at the diner or Bistro, she tries her hand at a dish she hasn't had a chance to make. Ever. She's held onto the dish's required exotic ingredients for some time so perhaps tonight is the night to give the decadent Ambrosia a whirl. Nels returns just as the delightful dish leaves the oven. He says he's got news, but Theta wants him to try her Ambrosia first. You can see he's starving so it doesn't take much prodding.

He savors every bite and compliments her on a dish very well prepared. After the dishes are cleared he then shares his good news. Since she's here to tend the garden, and all of the repairs and upgrades are near done, he's joined the fire department! This is not an opportunity available to him in Al Simhara and if she does not mind sharing the house with him he'll be available for any further repairs/upgrades that need done. This is him saying "I'm a firefighter!" Note her reaction. It might interest you to know that this is a romantic interaction. Which makes sense, because who doesn't get hot about firefighters? ;)

Theta is only slightly shocked to her herself agree to sharing the farm house with this near-stranger. Why not? If it weren't for him she wouldn't even be there. She'd still be plodding around that old trailer. During the day she joyfully tends the fields while he's at the fire station. He's upgraded the fire truck and the alarm and, thanks to his outstanding dedication, has reached Level 4 in a very short time.

After the day's work is done they enjoy some pleasant conversation and a little light reading before bed. Yes, they're still sharing the bed. Theta finds it very comforting to have him near her.

Being a firefighter isn't quite as exciting as Nels hoped it would be. Sure, it's great that people's houses aren't catching on fire, but . . . a little action would be nice. Then finally one day as he was maintaining the fire truck the alarm finally sounded! He practically flew into the truck and sped to the site of the blaze. Being a brave sim he wasted not a moment getting to the fire and putting it out.

By the time the truck was returned to the station it was time for him to go home. He did stop by a store on his way home. He knew exactly what he wanted and wasn't more than 5 minutes late returning so Theta suspected nothing when he walked through the door. He told Theta about the fire and felt a pang of guilt when he noticed the worried look that crept across her face. He explained the rush he felt and that something became incredibly clear to him as he faced down the flames. When prodded he responded,
"Theta, all the good things that have come into my life are a result of meeting you. I hope I do not make a fool of myself by asking, with all sincerity, if you would be my wife."

The ring shines brilliantly, but Theta's not looking at it. She's staring deep into Nels' eyes and her heart jumps wildly in her chest when she stammers out a breathy "Yes". That night they Woohoo for the first time and fall asleep in each other's arms. The next morning they both awake looking forward to the upcoming wedding. Theta practically dances through the fields and Nels is so inspired he manages to find a way to upgrade his fire extinguisher.

Things appear to be settling into a path of normalcy. Appearances, however, can be decieving. For instance; where did this little fellow come from and what exactly is he up to?


  1. i think they're protesting... clowns? is there a clown problem in moonlit shores?
    and wtf is that little creepy thing?!

  2. I'm not sure. If they were protesting clows, wouldn't there be the circle with a line through it? Maybe they're protesting lack-of-clowns since I haven't seen . . . any. Not sure about that creepy little Egyptian. Keeps popping up in unexpected places . . . .


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