Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awesomeness Part 18

After the game Theta made her way home, sat on the couch, put her head in her hands and sighed. What on earth was she going to do now? She righted herself to look out the window and sighed again when she remembered that every window had closed blinds. Definitely not as easy protecting her new identity as she had thought. She can't exactly move. Moonlit Shores still feels like home, like she's meant to be here. After changing into her jammies and shuffling towards bed she sees her travel journal sitting on the endtable and decides to flip through it before turning in. So many pictures, so many adventures . . . so close to maxing out her Egypt Visa. Whether it's merely her natural desire to finish what she's started or the gentle hand of Fate, before the sun rises she finds herself on a plane to Al Simhara.

The adventure board soon has her shuffling between two sims. One convinced the other needs help with his love life, the other simply trying to help the first one uncover the secrets of her ancestry. After a bit of playing matchmaker, and 3 days in the depths of the Tomb of Queen Hatshepsut, Theta maxes out her visa. She's collected enough ancient coins to not only purchase the Partnership with Egypt document but also snag herself the swankiest tent available. Always remembering her calling towards awesomeness she also went by the book store and spent 20,000 more simoleons making sure she has every book available in Egypt. It's going to take a long time to read all those books. A self-imposed task that will be much more comfortable to accomplish in her new Egyptian vacation home.

Passing through the market she catches a glimpse of a man charming a snake. While quite a bit better at it than herself, she doesn't pay him too much mind. She tips him for his performance and heads "home" to read and sleep.

The next morning she wakes up feeling better than she has in . . . a very long time. After a quick shower she walks to the market to search for some local decorations to adorn her new vacation home. Once again she passes the local snake charmer and . . . he's not charming any old snake this time. This morning he's captivating a king cobra! Not only that, he's captivated Theta as well. She's afraid for him, but can't look away. Something stirs in her as she watches this deadly snake sway back and forth with the flute. Then suddenly this talented stranger lures the cobra closer and plants a delicate kiss on the head of the snake!

Theta's breath is taken away as she's filled with an overpowering feeling of familiarity. The sparsly gathered crowd applauds and throws coins, but she's frozen. Staring. Marveling at what she's just seen and what she's still feeling because of it. She's pulled back to herself by this man who is now 2 feet in front of her introducing himself.
"Hello, my name is Nels. Did you enjoy the show?"

She introduces herself as Ander and yes, she did enjoy the show very much. Something in his eyes says he's not entirely convinced and her charisma skills seem to be on the floor with her jaw so she stammers forward as smoothly as possible.
"I saw you yesterday, but this . . . aren't you afraid?"

She fails to notice through her own blushing discomfort that he also seems to have come back to himself suddenly. He explains that his family has been charming snakes for generations and the king cobra is only brought out for special occasions.
"Oh? Is there a holiday?"
"Oh no. I saw you last night, but you seemed unimpressed. I was hoping you would come back today and that this display would catch your attention."

Forgetting the butterflies she felt mere minutes before, Theta is suddenly filled with panic. Her mind races trying to find a way to exit gracefully when he interrupts.
"Please, do not be afraid. I'm sorry I was so forward. I only wanted to talk to you. Allow me to buy you lunch."

There are plenty of people milling around the market and Theta assumes he's going to ask her to adventure for him so she agrees to lunch. Over a plate of Shwarma they talk for hours. Discussing her adventures, snake charming, books, jobs, seemingly everything. So long they talk they end up also having dinner together. After dinner they stand to leave and he looks deep into her eyes. He raises a hand to her cheek and to her own surprise Theta does not pull away.
"I have never met another sim like you," he says. "The stories you tell so passionately, yet you seem sad."

Unable to stop herself, Theta invites him over. The words are out of her mouth before she realizes what she's said and once out . . . they can not be taken back. They walk back to her vacation home as the moon rises over the dunes with only a cool breeze and silence between them. They sit together on the couch where he asks her what she dreams of. She admits that she's been a bit lost on what she really wants but that she feels drawn back to gardening. Learning it for science was one thing, but dedicating herself to it would be something else altogether. She wants a farm and someone to care for . . . someone to care for her. Suddenly she blurts out:
"I just want to feel like a part of something and not like my life is one big project!"

They're both taken aback by this outburst and Theta can feel tears sting her eyes. Before she can run or hide or anything he wraps his arms around her. She doesn't hear his words, but takes comfort in the soothing nature of his voice. They sit silently staring at the stars through the window.

She doesn't remember falling asleep, but wakes up in bed thinking it must have all been a dream. She follows her routine of a quick morning shower and makes her way to grab breakfast. She almost passes Nels sitting at the table. He apologizes for startling her, hopes she doesn't mind he carried her to bed and slept on the couch. He also took the liberty of making breakfast. So she sat down, a little confused, but that first bite of Organic Fruit Parfait was like heaven in her mouth. She smiled and sat with her new friend over breakfast. She's only got a couple more days in Egypt and maybe it's okay to spend that time with Nels. The pyramids aren't going anywhere.

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  1. she met a tall dark stranger. with a snake! good for her.


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