Sunday, May 1, 2011

Awesomeness Part 17

Two weeks in France seemed to do wonders for Theta's soccer playing, bringing home two 14-0 victories in a row. It didn't, however, do much for her disposition. After the second game Theta's coach pulled her aside and "suggested" she take some time off to visit the Scholar's Garden in Shang Simla, China. Though a tad disheartened that it seemed everyone was trying to get rid of her, a quick peak into her travel journal revealed that she's almost maxed out her China Visa as well. "I don't like the idea of putting off fulfilling this sports contract, but I guess I don't have a choice . . . " So she packed her bags and headed for China.
She intended to take some time to settle in and relax, but her random housemates appeared to have other plans. After a long day of fishing and a restless night she awoke to a complete disaster area. Books everywhere, the sink and trash compacter were broken, toilets clogged and water everywhere! Being a neat-freak she straightened out the tourist house before setting out to max her Visa.

After a few menial delivery tasks she was finally given an opportunity for some real exploring. Turns out there used to be an evil Emporer who pilaged and plundered and hid his enormous bounty . . . under the market? Take a look at this maze that was right under her feet the whole time!

After retrieving a certain statue for one of the local merchants Theta was finally maxed and able to buy a vacation home in China as well. Away from those other rowdy tourists. A place she could relax and be alone with her wandering thoughts.

Her serene solitude did not last long before she recieved a call to go exploring the evil emporer's private chambers! Certainly not the sort of opportunity she could pass up. There were traps everywhere and she found herself caught in a few, but she persevered and made it through. The good news is that she now has enough ancient coins to cover her "partnership with egypt" (the document that will allow her to purchase a vacation home there) when she revisits Egypt and a pocketful of gems to show for her efforts. The bad news is that when you explore a tomb this big and choose to sleep in the emporers bed instead of your own tent . . . sometimes you have to finish off the tomb in your jammies.

Turns out the emporer had a bit of a taste for nectar. Guess which bottle contains the coveted Flame Fruit Nectar!

After barely escaping with her life, Theta decided she's had enough adventuring and that it was time to take her coaches advice. So she visited the Scholar's Garden, plunked herself down in the center of a circle made of stones and plants, and meditated. She sat there for hours, her mind racing over all that had happened. She tried to retrace her thoughts back to the beginning, to rediscover her purpose. Suddenly she was surrounded by a gentle green glow and was filled with a sense of peace. Her whole body tingled as a picture began to form in her mind's eye. She's not sure what it is, but it feels so nice. So nice she decides to head home early.

With a bit of diligence there are only two weeks left in her sports career. I was a bit taken aback when I discovered this is the uniform for the Level 9 sports career.

In the meantime, her agent has made good on his word and had her dancing and drinking at every empty bar and lounge in town. Enough so they could say they had a celebrity stay there, but not so much that she'd be likely to get noticed. The constant partying between practice is becoming quite tiresome.

Which is why it's good to take time out and enjoy a good book! Because a truly awesome sim doesn't just walk the walk, she can also read between the lines. Every line. Of every book! A quick trip to the bookstore and 20,000 simoleons later and Theta's arms are laden with every book available for purchase in Moonlit Shores. She'll, of course, have to revisit the bookstores in China, Egypt and France, but for the time being this is a good enough start.

Finally the night of Theta's last game arrives. She's reached Sport's Legend status and is ready to go out with a bang! She arrives at the stadium a bit early to inform the coach that after she wins, she's out. She must follow her dream and she just can't do that slaving in a hot stadium 6 days a week. The game doesn't match her previous successes, but an 8-5 win is still a win. Here's her Level 10 outfit.

And so another small chapter closes. She's raised a son, adopted a daughter, worked her way through to mad scientist, top chef, astronaut and sports legend, changed her identity to escape her long-term live-in girlfriend and accomplished enough on vacation to now own two vacation homes. She's been fat and skinny and maxed out six of her skills. Yet she yearns. She felt something in China and won't rest until she can recapture that moment, hold it in her arms and find her true happiness.


  1. nice boobs... i mean, what an interesting adventure story! she sure is buying a lot of houses, but i guess that's just what a celebrity traveling incognito needs.

  2. lmao Yeah. They're actually only half as big as I could've made them. And you know how it is, no matter what you do a sim will always have plenty of disposable income. I wish I was a sim . . . .


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