Monday, April 18, 2011

A Sim Aside

While working with the kiddies as a Little League Coach Theta managed to overhear a few of the parents talking about a new building being constructed in town. No one was quite sure what it could be. A new resteraunt? A hip new night club? Perhaps some zoning papers got shuffled and someone (for some unknown reason) was building their home behind the town's junk yard. The possibilities are a wide mixture of intriguing and frightening and quite a few things in between. After work Theta hopped on her moped and took the back way home. Determined to see for herself what all the buzz was about.

What could this possibly be? I mean . . . it's huge! Not skyscraper huge, but normal building huge. In all of her many years Theta hasn't seen anything quite like it. Curiosity is piqued. She snaps a few pictures of the outside (careful not to get too close in case somebody's watching) and heads home to tell Jaimey and Simone (who will no doubt inform Geo) what's going on on the other side of town.

So what is this unusual structure being built on the outskirts of town? It's a hotel! Well, as much of a hotel as can be built in Sims 3. Perhaps one day they'll release an EP giving us back proper hotels, but for now it's just a visitable community lot with beds in rooms. The bottom floor has 4 identical bedrooms with the vibrating heart bed. (It's descripted as "vibrating" but I haven't actually used it before so I don't know for sure if it does yet or not) There are community bathrooms, elevators to the 2nd floor and what's this? A fountain? Why yes. A fountain.

Upstairs are four more suites each with a fireplace for extra coziness. Two of these rooms have jacuzzis for a possible alternate woohoo location. There is also a communal balcony in case anyone needs some fresh air after all of their woohooing.

A few EPs ago we got the ability to build fountains. Ok, so they're basically glorified pools, but still. Can customize the floor and walls of it and add little fountainy spouts and that's what I did. I made this fountain. PRAISE ME!! *kidding*

I have a really bad problem with landscaping, so the outside isn't too grand. On the other hand, it's not too boring either, so here you go. Yes, it's night. But since it is night you can see the little lights I put in so nobody (except the clumsiest of sims) trips over the stairs.

So there you have it. A "love hotel" sprung up (seemingly overnight!) in Moonlit Shores. At least it gave me a break from skill building for the day.

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  1. yippee for the hotel!! or should i say "woohoo!"? nice fountain, btw. ;)


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