Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Sunday

Eines Tages werde ich eine ganze Blog auf Deutsch schreiben. Letzten Nacht habe ich dieses Gedanken: Wann ich in Deutschland gelebt ich habe nur ein wenig Deutsch gelernt. Dann in der Schule habe ich mehr gelernt. Jetzt lerne ich mehr als bevor. Ich habe etwas vergessen, aber ich bin hoffnungsvoll.

Yay, all by myself. Except "hoffnungsvoll". Had to look that up. Popped it into google translate just to be sure and it looks okay. Although I'm not sure how far I trust it. *shrugs* Today is Easter and we usually go visit the inlaws for that. Things have been a bit volatile over there so . . . I guess we're not this year. I offered to drive out there, but Aaron doesn't want to go by unannounced. So we're going to go by the lake (hopefully there won't be anybody there) and hang out with some friends. Almost just as good, eh?

Last night I had another thought. Was thinking about college . . . and I got really nervous. Like, verge of a panic attack nervous. It's almost May which means I need to go out there and set up the thing so I can take the placement test. I wish they'd just let me take it without having to talk to a counselor, but I guess that'll get me started for financial aid questions I have. I really hope I can get it all covered. I'd be lying if I said a part of me hopes I can't get the money.

Was hoping to get back into sims. Haven't gotten to do anything since the big identity change. Tonight. For now it's time to head out. *mwah*

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  1. good luck with school *hugs* it is terrifying the first time, but it gets SO much easier.
    and happy sunday! we just went grocery shopping like normal and got all confused why the stores were so empty. then i remembered.. oh yeah... easter duh.


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