Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awesomeness Part 16

Theta's meager new surroundings have taken a little getting used to. Given her new backstory as an equally adept player as her former self there is still the constant threat of paparazzi showing up out of nowhere. Even with new venetian blinds covering every window she's still hesitant to decorate too lavishly. She bought herself a new bed (though not as good as her old bed it's still better than the metal mess this house came with) and is resigning herself to upgrading those appliances that are already in the house.

Her "tryout" went well, as expected, and even her old coach didn't recognize her. Just told her she better win the next game or she's off the Fighting Llamas. Her teammates didn't pay her much mind at all. Not even offering to haze the "new girl" after practice. That's okay, though. Probably for the best. After practice she went across the street to the often empty sports bar just to get away and be alone for a bit. As suspected no one was there. She spied the keyboard sitting unattended in the corner of the increasingly neglected stage area and was unsurprised when no one stopped her from sitting and plinking out a few random notes. She was thinking of Geo. The son she carried, birthed and loved even though she was never sure how to express that love without making both of them uncomfortable. Did he know she loved him? Did he ever find a love of his own? Would she ever find his remains? So many unanswered questions.

Last call was announced and the lights were soon dimmed. Time to return to her new house. Her new empty house. She laid in bed and quietly wept as she fell into a dreamless sleep. She awoke feeling only slightly better than she had the night before; wondering if this whole "new identity" thing was going to help her at all getting her life back on track. Making her way to the fridge she passed the calendar and realized that today was game day! Perhaps the perfect distraction. A win could definitely bring her out of her funk. She spent the day training until the carpool came to whisk her away to the stadium. She faced her opponents with determination concentrating only on the ball and the goal. The Fighting Llamas came out on top with an impressive 6-2 victory over the Pirates from two counties over. Theta's performance was enough to gain her acceptance back into her old team. After a bit of tomfoolery in the locker room she headed home. She didn't even bother to change before turning on the tv to see if the game was being discussed on the local news channel. She sat on the edge of her seat excited and a bit nervous. Hoping all the while that nobody recognized her. Her heart sank when, before the sports segment, a picture popped up on screen. It was Jaimey. What's this all about? Jaimey . . . Jaimey was on her way to the game when the grim reaper took her. How could this have happened? Sure she was old, but she was in good health just a few short days ago! For the second night in a row Theta fell asleep weeping and mourning her old life.

After the game she had a day off. She was determined not to spend it moping around the house all day. She was supposed to be a new person, why not act like it!? She took off for the laundromat with no idea what to expect . . . which was perhaps not such a great idea. She ran into this chubby fellow who, for reasons unknown to me, took her fancy. She schmoozed him into giving her a ride home.

As happens to us all from time to time she was overtaken with a deep-seated and overpowering urge to feel good about herself. She invites this stranger into her house and with her near-maxed Charisma and recently acquired "master of seduction" lifetime reward has him in bed in record time.

Perhaps not the worst thing a woman (or sim-woman) can do. Would have just been one of those things, too, if not for this:

The insufferably fatty had the nerve to strut as if he had done anything to make that happen. They say one of the stages of grief is anger and boy was she feeling it now. Not at Geo or Jaimey, but at this guy. "Hey! Who says the day has to end now?" And damned if this poor soul didn't practically run back into bed. "Oh no, let's go out. I know a great place where we can really get our hearts pumping and blood racing." Thinking he hit the jackpot he eagerly agrees to letting Theta drive his car so as not to spoil the surprise. I don't think "surprise" really conveys what he recieved when they finally reached their destination. The gym. "C'mon big boy, lemme see what you got." After a bit of foot shuffling and some weak protests she finally managed to get him on the treadmill. So fatty wants to strut, does he? Well, then lets just give him something worth strutting. Theta kept him on that treadmill for five hours unleashing every bit of rage and frustration left in her until Mr. Strut wobbled away exhausted, bewildered and weighing half as much as he did walking in.

Man that felt good! Unfortunately her agent was not impressed and suggested she take a time out somewhere before someone got injured. Not such a bad idea. She hasn't travelled much since the army and perhaps it was time to learn a new trade. So she opened up her travel log and realized she was just a few points shy of a Level 3 Visa in France. Two weeks in nectar country would do her some good. So away she went. She spent the first week amusing herself by squishing grapes for nectar.

While picking grape seeds from between her toes she overheard a group of tourists giggling and gossiping about the alleged endless catacombs criss-crossing under Champs Le Sims. Figuring she has nothing to lose Theta sets off in search of the catacombs. She finds them easily (being a well seasoned-adventurer) and navigates the dank underground with ease. Hours later, however, she emerges from the crypt entrance shaking and singed. I don't know what she saw down there . . . I doubt any sim ever will. Whatever it was it scared her witless and renewed her determination to buckle down and do something normal.

Raising one's Visa Level requires doing tasks for local sims. While scanning the "adventure board" in front of the local hostel Theta found one that seemed promising. Until she met the person who posted it. Is it just me or is there something a bit . . . masculine about this woman?

No matter. After accomplishing the task of investigating the disappearance of several guards at the local art museum Theta was finally rewarded with a maxed out French Visa. Not only can she spend nearly three weeks at a time in Champs Le Sims, she can also buy herself a vacation home. A real home away from home. Unfortunately it's late so she spends one final night in the hostel and the next morning peruses the real estate papers over a cup of Chocolate Soy Latte.

It's not long before she finds a listing that feels as if it's directed right at her. It reads simply: "Not everyone wants to live in the center of town. If you have something to hide, you can hide it here." (Yes, that's really the description for this lot. I wrote it down after reading it because it was so perfect.) What's more worthy of being hidden than a secret Life Fruit garden to protect your new identity? Here is her new vacation home.

We've yet to explore the inside, but out in the back-country of France, the possibilities are endless. Will she try to recreate the home(s) of her old life? Stick to a traditional French-inspired getaway? Or perhaps discover a new side of herself away from Moonlit Shores?


  1. screaming at people on treadmills looks like SO much fun. and finding missing security guards for Frida Kahlo there after being chased by a crypt dragon. what an adventure!

  2. Oh my, that sim does sort of resemble Frida Kahlo, doesn't she? lol


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