Monday, April 18, 2011

Awesomeness Part 14

I'll admit, I'm growing a bit tired of Theta and her incessant skill building. She has a new job at the Stadium which is keeping her out of the house at surprisingly odd hours.

In true form she's driven forward and immersed herself in the world of athleticism. Hanging out at the sports bar and reading every book assigned by her boss cover to cover. You can't see it here, but she's changed her clothes and cut her hair short to look more "athletic". Her army training has prepared her physically and now she has a less violent outlet for the competitive spirit instilled in her.

Simone has definitely taken after the celebrity of her mother. Dancing late at the clubs and partaking in free drinks. It's an exhausting world, but she's getting along fine.

Jaimey came home from work dressed up in her new band-appropriate attire, took a good long look at herself in the mirror and decided she was just too old to continue in this line of work. Gigs are nearly non-existant in this small town and she really just looked rediculous. So she picked up the phone and retired. So far she's enjoying her retirement. It affords her plenty of time to persue her passion of painting. She's even taken over some of the more mundane household tasks. Many of which have been left undone without a new butler having been hired. She's not really good, but she tries hard.

While Jaimey was at the bookstore picking up a book on cooking, this sim walked by outside. She reminds me of my sister back when she was a teenager.

Anyway, the only *real* development is in Simone's love life. She believes she's found "the one". While not having the ability just yet to ask him to move in, she has asked him to spend the night several nights in a row. I'm guessing he doesn't have a job since he hasn't left the house. He's polite, though, and doesn't make a mess. And if Simone's wanting to Woohoo him constantly is any indicator, he's quite good in the lovemaking department.

I think she's going to move out soon. Or, perhaps, Theta will allow her to have the house and move out herself. All I know is that somehow I've got to shake things up. Perhaps a makeover? A slew of anonymous random lovers? Maybe I'll build a Tokyo inspired "Love Hotel" for just these kinds of activities. Probably not resembling the one showcased in that link, but with the same basic principles. If I can pull it off. Without actual "hotels" in the game will be more difficult than it was in 2.

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