Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awesomeness Part 13

The joy! The drama! The pain! Theta's life (and Simone's) has been a rollercoaster of events. With the departure of her friend and mentor, Simone had to contend with doing her homework alone when she came home late from a party.

Though she may not have, except for Joline (the most recent butler) mysteriously disappeared as well. Theta was on a return trip to China attempting to finish off the tournament before her boss rammed his boot up her butt. In between sparring matches she descended into the tombs in search of the mysterious boulder-crushing Pangu's Axe.

Which she did find and put to good use.

Back home Simone hunted down her beloved Roderick and quickly discovered the reason for his departure. Although old and grey she still held a lot of love for him and managed, in her own teenage way, to tell him so.

And not a moment too soon. As they were having a deep conversation the end came for poor Roderick.

An event which still haunts Simone. It's not easy seeing the grim reaper come for your first love.

While on (the lag induced) haitus from the tourney, Theta took her weekend time to party it up. So much seriousness isn't good for a sim. Unfortunately she started to get a little too close to a certain perky blonde vampire.

She didn't even notice the pain her own daughter was going through. Though, given how she raised Geo I suppose this isn't a complete shock.

In fact, while shaking off the last of her jetlag Theta began pre-preparing for her upcoming jump to stardom. Working on building up her Charisma skill.

Fortunately one last trip was all it took for Theta to win the Sim Fu Martial Arts tournament. Before she even had a chance to go home and impress her boss, those in attendance of her final match were suitably impressed with a line forming to get her autograph!

To cope with her loss, Simone tracked down Joline in an attempt to get answers as to why she had left the family so suddenly. Unfortunately, that answer did not come. They did, however, become good friends over dinner at the Bistro. Full discount thanks to her mother's previous stellar services there. (actually, she only got a partial discount thanks to her meager celebrity status, but the other way sounds much better)

Back on the base Theta's superior officers were, indeed, quite impressed with her tournament win and awarded her 7,500 simoleons and a promotion! A promotion which, though I forget what it was to, came with a very impressive new uniform. This picture is especially for Brak. ;-) She knows why.

I don't know if it was their long time together, the feeling that she was losing Theta's interest, or just a realization of her increasing age, but all of a sudden Jaimey wanted to make Theta her girlfriend. Officially, that is. Of course Theta accepted this spontaneous proposal. She was, in fact, shocked that they weren't yet officially an item. I guess it was just one of those things that slipped her mind.

Jaimey was so happy that that night at work she was singing while writing the band's lyrics and the manager promoted her to lead singer!

The days rolled on (without another new butler . . . there's still plenty of food in the fridge) and along came Simone's birthday. Well, you remember the paltry (if heartfelt) attendance of Simone's last birthday? She was determined to do things quite a bit differently this time. She invited just as many friends as she could cram into their house and they all had a blast!

Though . . . she doesn't have the "unlucky" trait, but it seems she just may be. One of her party guests dropped dead right on the porch. Poor girl. I wonder if it hurt more when the grim reaper asked Theta for her autograph . . .

So there we are. Jaimey is finally a real part of her band. Theta is just one promotion away from being done with the army. Simone has grown into a lovely young adult who will be joining the movie career just as soon as she sleeps off that killer party. Oh, and don't worry, Theta is still milking her quasi-addiction to the life fruit. Her story will continue and Simone will understand her brother's underlying confusion at having aged beyond his mother.

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  1. thanks for the pic. :D and grim reaper asking for autograph. too funny! "oh hey sorry i offed your friend there. can i have your autograph for the little reapers back home? we love your work!"


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