Saturday, April 9, 2011

Awesomeness Part 12

My, but if this doesn't look overly inappropriate. The butler (Roderick, I remembered to check) giving the teenager a massage in the bathroom?! Scandelous! Unfortunately this is the last these two have seen of each other, but I'll get to that in a moment.
After acquiring the martial arts skill the army has now commissioned Theta to enter the Shang Simla Martial Arts Tournament. So where do you think Theta went? Back to China to kick some sim ass, that's where!

She hasn't finished the tournament yet (lag issues -_-), but after a particularly intriguing battle on a bridge I had the idea to put together this little surprise. I was taking the video anyway hoping she would preform one of her special attacks. When she did I just added the beginning, music, and little special effect. Hope you enjoy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's tiny. I had to make it small enough to upload. Sorry about that. Anyway, she's ranked 3 out of 5 now so hopefully one more trip will be enough to bring home the gold. I don't recall if there's any actual trophy involved, but it'll earn her a raise, bragging rights, and one more rung on her ladder of awesome. Upon returning home she was pressured by Jaimey (yes, I've been misspelling it this whole time apparently) to buy a washer and dryer. But where to put it? I don't like adding too much to the pre-made houses because they lose their curb appeal. So after a little creative furniture re-arranging Simone got her own bathroom and the downstairs loo was turned into the new laundry room.

That's not the only thing to change at home. Out of the blue, as I mentioned, Roderick left! I don't know if it was a glitch thanks to the China lag, something that became unappealing about working there, or if it's just the way the game works and you only hire the butler for the week; but he was gone. I thought that he totally disappeared, but I did find him in Jaimey's friend panel, so he has to be in the others. Still, it left a gaping dirty-laundry-filled hole in the household that needed to be filled asap. I don't like the fridge full of leftovers, but they are handy to have around. So another butler was hired. A woman . . . who's name escapes me. No, I don't have anything against "the help". She just showed up for the one day before I minimized Sims. Anyway, here she is helping Simone with her homework (just as Roderick used to do! *sigh*) wearing black gloves which make her look more like a hitman than a butler.

All of these changes must have been hard on Theta. She wanted to go out for a drink so I took her to the swanky Prosper Lounge. She had herself some poufy sounding drink and then she wanted to meet the celebrity playing piano. This guy . . . . he really rubbed Theta the wrong way. She greeted him in the friendliest possible way, got to know him, asked him how his day was. She even successfully disuaded some ugly rumor that had been spread about her (that she had wet herself in public, which she had not) and thought things were going swimmingly. Until this lowly 2-star celeb insulted her and poked her in the chest. Out of nowhere! What is this guy's problem, anyway?! A true martial artist seeks inner piece, but from time to time the Sim Army seeks a good brawl and this time the army side won. I tried to get a good pic of her leaping on him, but the game just did not want to cooperate. All I got was him walking away, the diminishing dust cloud and scattered debris. Hopefully you'll take this as proof of her stellar performance.

Jaimey was tasked, while at work, to head to Egypt and try her hand at a little street performing. She's not such a fan of the heat so she only stayed one day. Long enough to max out her guitar skill (half of her lifetime wish!) and earn 110 simoleons in tips. Kudos Jaimey!

The relationship between Theta and Jaimey is still strong. They take time out for each other to talk and make love in spite of their overly busy schedules. Theta has become close with Simone as well. She's working hard, playing hard, and maintaining a standard of awesome previously unseen. Can she keep it up? Can I keep it up? Only time will tell.


  1. hmm.. maybe the butler had a pang of conscience about his inappropriate relationship. or maybe one of simone's parents offed him while the game was minimized. :O

  2. hehehe that would be amazing. Truly blazing new territory.


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