Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awesomeness Part 16

Theta's meager new surroundings have taken a little getting used to. Given her new backstory as an equally adept player as her former self there is still the constant threat of paparazzi showing up out of nowhere. Even with new venetian blinds covering every window she's still hesitant to decorate too lavishly. She bought herself a new bed (though not as good as her old bed it's still better than the metal mess this house came with) and is resigning herself to upgrading those appliances that are already in the house.

Her "tryout" went well, as expected, and even her old coach didn't recognize her. Just told her she better win the next game or she's off the Fighting Llamas. Her teammates didn't pay her much mind at all. Not even offering to haze the "new girl" after practice. That's okay, though. Probably for the best. After practice she went across the street to the often empty sports bar just to get away and be alone for a bit. As suspected no one was there. She spied the keyboard sitting unattended in the corner of the increasingly neglected stage area and was unsurprised when no one stopped her from sitting and plinking out a few random notes. She was thinking of Geo. The son she carried, birthed and loved even though she was never sure how to express that love without making both of them uncomfortable. Did he know she loved him? Did he ever find a love of his own? Would she ever find his remains? So many unanswered questions.

Last call was announced and the lights were soon dimmed. Time to return to her new house. Her new empty house. She laid in bed and quietly wept as she fell into a dreamless sleep. She awoke feeling only slightly better than she had the night before; wondering if this whole "new identity" thing was going to help her at all getting her life back on track. Making her way to the fridge she passed the calendar and realized that today was game day! Perhaps the perfect distraction. A win could definitely bring her out of her funk. She spent the day training until the carpool came to whisk her away to the stadium. She faced her opponents with determination concentrating only on the ball and the goal. The Fighting Llamas came out on top with an impressive 6-2 victory over the Pirates from two counties over. Theta's performance was enough to gain her acceptance back into her old team. After a bit of tomfoolery in the locker room she headed home. She didn't even bother to change before turning on the tv to see if the game was being discussed on the local news channel. She sat on the edge of her seat excited and a bit nervous. Hoping all the while that nobody recognized her. Her heart sank when, before the sports segment, a picture popped up on screen. It was Jaimey. What's this all about? Jaimey . . . Jaimey was on her way to the game when the grim reaper took her. How could this have happened? Sure she was old, but she was in good health just a few short days ago! For the second night in a row Theta fell asleep weeping and mourning her old life.

After the game she had a day off. She was determined not to spend it moping around the house all day. She was supposed to be a new person, why not act like it!? She took off for the laundromat with no idea what to expect . . . which was perhaps not such a great idea. She ran into this chubby fellow who, for reasons unknown to me, took her fancy. She schmoozed him into giving her a ride home.

As happens to us all from time to time she was overtaken with a deep-seated and overpowering urge to feel good about herself. She invites this stranger into her house and with her near-maxed Charisma and recently acquired "master of seduction" lifetime reward has him in bed in record time.

Perhaps not the worst thing a woman (or sim-woman) can do. Would have just been one of those things, too, if not for this:

The insufferably fatty had the nerve to strut as if he had done anything to make that happen. They say one of the stages of grief is anger and boy was she feeling it now. Not at Geo or Jaimey, but at this guy. "Hey! Who says the day has to end now?" And damned if this poor soul didn't practically run back into bed. "Oh no, let's go out. I know a great place where we can really get our hearts pumping and blood racing." Thinking he hit the jackpot he eagerly agrees to letting Theta drive his car so as not to spoil the surprise. I don't think "surprise" really conveys what he recieved when they finally reached their destination. The gym. "C'mon big boy, lemme see what you got." After a bit of foot shuffling and some weak protests she finally managed to get him on the treadmill. So fatty wants to strut, does he? Well, then lets just give him something worth strutting. Theta kept him on that treadmill for five hours unleashing every bit of rage and frustration left in her until Mr. Strut wobbled away exhausted, bewildered and weighing half as much as he did walking in.

Man that felt good! Unfortunately her agent was not impressed and suggested she take a time out somewhere before someone got injured. Not such a bad idea. She hasn't travelled much since the army and perhaps it was time to learn a new trade. So she opened up her travel log and realized she was just a few points shy of a Level 3 Visa in France. Two weeks in nectar country would do her some good. So away she went. She spent the first week amusing herself by squishing grapes for nectar.

While picking grape seeds from between her toes she overheard a group of tourists giggling and gossiping about the alleged endless catacombs criss-crossing under Champs Le Sims. Figuring she has nothing to lose Theta sets off in search of the catacombs. She finds them easily (being a well seasoned-adventurer) and navigates the dank underground with ease. Hours later, however, she emerges from the crypt entrance shaking and singed. I don't know what she saw down there . . . I doubt any sim ever will. Whatever it was it scared her witless and renewed her determination to buckle down and do something normal.

Raising one's Visa Level requires doing tasks for local sims. While scanning the "adventure board" in front of the local hostel Theta found one that seemed promising. Until she met the person who posted it. Is it just me or is there something a bit . . . masculine about this woman?

No matter. After accomplishing the task of investigating the disappearance of several guards at the local art museum Theta was finally rewarded with a maxed out French Visa. Not only can she spend nearly three weeks at a time in Champs Le Sims, she can also buy herself a vacation home. A real home away from home. Unfortunately it's late so she spends one final night in the hostel and the next morning peruses the real estate papers over a cup of Chocolate Soy Latte.

It's not long before she finds a listing that feels as if it's directed right at her. It reads simply: "Not everyone wants to live in the center of town. If you have something to hide, you can hide it here." (Yes, that's really the description for this lot. I wrote it down after reading it because it was so perfect.) What's more worthy of being hidden than a secret Life Fruit garden to protect your new identity? Here is her new vacation home.

We've yet to explore the inside, but out in the back-country of France, the possibilities are endless. Will she try to recreate the home(s) of her old life? Stick to a traditional French-inspired getaway? Or perhaps discover a new side of herself away from Moonlit Shores?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Sunday

Eines Tages werde ich eine ganze Blog auf Deutsch schreiben. Letzten Nacht habe ich dieses Gedanken: Wann ich in Deutschland gelebt ich habe nur ein wenig Deutsch gelernt. Dann in der Schule habe ich mehr gelernt. Jetzt lerne ich mehr als bevor. Ich habe etwas vergessen, aber ich bin hoffnungsvoll.

Yay, all by myself. Except "hoffnungsvoll". Had to look that up. Popped it into google translate just to be sure and it looks okay. Although I'm not sure how far I trust it. *shrugs* Today is Easter and we usually go visit the inlaws for that. Things have been a bit volatile over there so . . . I guess we're not this year. I offered to drive out there, but Aaron doesn't want to go by unannounced. So we're going to go by the lake (hopefully there won't be anybody there) and hang out with some friends. Almost just as good, eh?

Last night I had another thought. Was thinking about college . . . and I got really nervous. Like, verge of a panic attack nervous. It's almost May which means I need to go out there and set up the thing so I can take the placement test. I wish they'd just let me take it without having to talk to a counselor, but I guess that'll get me started for financial aid questions I have. I really hope I can get it all covered. I'd be lying if I said a part of me hopes I can't get the money.

Was hoping to get back into sims. Haven't gotten to do anything since the big identity change. Tonight. For now it's time to head out. *mwah*

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Awesomeness Part 15

Between practice, games and a new Sim at home, Theta has been so busy. Too busy, as it turns out. While riding home from work she recieved a call that she should have been dreading: Geo has passed on. Bad enough to outlive her first-born son (the only remnant of her former life) worse still that she missed the call alerting her to his upcoming demise. If she weren't so busy with work, parties and celebrity appearances she would at least know whatever became of her son's remains. As it is he could be anywhere. This news sent Theta into a deep depression. She didn't want to upset her family any further than they were so she confided in her only other true friend, her agent. Though they only spoke on the phone her agent's advice and solid ear have been a constant here in Moonlit Shores. So when her unnamed agent suggested she take some time out to evaluate her life, and if this current path is truly her heart's desire, Theta took him seriously. Perhaps a little too seriously.
Theta had already accepted an invitation to a pool party up the road and was determined to go. As a prominant celebrity she still felt it her duty to set a good example to the younger sims and keeping your word is important. Granted it was late and all the young sims would be in bed, but those paparazzi are everywhere and Theta knew this only too well. So she donned her bathing suit and headed for the party. She mingled a bit then decided to hit the pool. Another sim challanged her to a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest. This unfortunate challanger was young, however, and did not realize that while working as a potion tester in the science field Theta had developed a slight mutation that allowed her to hold her breath far longer than your average sim. He left halfway through the contest.

Perhaps it was fate stepping in, for as Theta sat at the bottom of the pool a plan began to form. She realized that she was no longer happy in this life and was ready to start anew. As with any great plan this one had her so psyched up she rushed home and when she found everyone asleep she quietly began to pack. Hiding her luggage in the never-frequented basement.

Her rushed packing left her a bit tired so she went to lay next to Jaimey for what she believed would be the last time. Fortunately or unfortunately this was not the case. Even though she was aching to leave she did not want to hurt her family and she knew that if she just disappeared, especially being as famous as she is, the manhunt would be relentless. Moonlit Shores is a small town and she would be found quickly. She did not want to leave town, not this town which she felt had been built just for her. What to do, then? Every waking moment was spent gazing off, planning, making sure every detail was covered and every possible outcome was accounted for.

The days rolled on with agonizing slowness. Simone's marriage gave Theta renewed hope that her family would be well taken care of.

Theta had, of course, shared her plan with her agent. She realized that this plan would be impossible without his help. He had pretty much let her be while she mentally tied up loose ends, so when he booked both her and Simone to dance at the Brightmore a flutter in her gut told her the time was near.

The very next morning Theta awoke to . . . absolutely nothing. The house was silent and she knew it had to be now. She couldn't rush, though. A rushed sim makes mistakes. She didn't know how much time she had before the clan began to return (her afternoon sports schedule means she sleeps in later than everyone else) but before leaving what she had come to know as "home" there was one thing she first had to do.

She did not know what sort of place her agent would set her up in, and she needed a viable alibi, so the first order of business was to harvest the last of the steaks she needed to acquire the omni-plant seeds.

A quick jaunt by the diner and she was well rewarded for her hard work digging in the dirt. And if any nosey reporters or paparazzi started poking about, someone would be able to say "Oh yes, I saw her. She looked just fine. Not the least bit rushed or anxious."

Her next stop is by far the most critical and makes Theta quite uneasy. She is putting her new life in the hands of a stranger. Her agent has vouched for this stylist, but just to be sure a little palm-grease never hurts. He assures Theta that he owes her agent "big time" and that no gratuity is necessary, but she still feels more comfortable paying triple the normal price for a makeover.

Mustering up every bit of charisma she's acquired she tactfully impresses on him that it is absolutely imperative that nobody be able to recognize her. Of course, the stress was unecessary as this humble make-up artist was once in the FBI, he prepped undercover sims so they would be unrecognizable by the criminal elements they were infiltrating. As a "thank you" to the agent who helped him begin a new life, he pulled out all the stops. New clothes, new hair, even contact lenses to disguise Theta's Pacific blue eyes. Surely even Geo's ghost would have a hard time recognizing his own mother now!

But what good is a new face if you're saddled with the same old name? Luckily Theta's military connections stretched as far as city hall and she knew a clerk who (for a meager donation to help repave the streets downtown) could both file and lose Theta's name-change paperwork in 5 minutes flat. As far as the citizens of Moonlit Shores are concerned Theta M is know Ander Ungen (Ă„nderungen is German for "changes"). For the purposes of this blog, however, I'll just stick to "Theta".

With her new identity firmly in place Theta thought it was time to leave her "Dear John" letter. Without fear of recognition she headed for the library, using their computer to perform this final task.

The only hitch in the plan was that her agent had yet to secure her a new house. "Part of the plan" he says. "Don't you worry" he says. Easy for him to say, he's just a voice in the phone! So she nonchalantly made her way to the hotel, picked herself a room, and waited. And waited. And waited.

She was just about to lay down for a nap (which would have been quite the feat concidering her nerves) when finally the phone rang. Her agent had come through! "Who loves ya baby? Get this: You're keeping your old job. Now calm down, I let it leak to the papos that Theta M was called away to Africa to film a fundraiser disaster relief flick ASAP. You did include that in your little letter like I told you to, right? Being the responsible agent I am I told your boss I had the perfect replacement kicker for him so all you gotta do is show up, show him yer goods and you're in, right where you left off. I'll give your new name (I hate that name, by the way, no star appeal) I'll give your new name some time to catch on before I start booking you again, but believe me, I will be booking you. In the meantime, I found you a quiet little place on the edge of town. Only people that live there are hermits and unfortunates. If I were you I'd get used to it. You're going to want to give it some time before you even think about moving back into town. Go check it out. Ciao."

So this is really it. A new beginning. So she's got "Theta's" old contract at the arena to finish out first, but for all intents and purposes she has a new life! And even though it's far smaller a place than any she's lived in for quite some time, Theta digs her new trailer. It matches her new look. And who knows? She has plenty of money to renovate and a high enough handiness skill to do it all herself. For the time being, though, discretion is of the utmost importance. She really must remember that at work tomorrow. Gonna have to control her movements carefully in case any rabid fans recognize her playing style . . .

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Sim Aside

While working with the kiddies as a Little League Coach Theta managed to overhear a few of the parents talking about a new building being constructed in town. No one was quite sure what it could be. A new resteraunt? A hip new night club? Perhaps some zoning papers got shuffled and someone (for some unknown reason) was building their home behind the town's junk yard. The possibilities are a wide mixture of intriguing and frightening and quite a few things in between. After work Theta hopped on her moped and took the back way home. Determined to see for herself what all the buzz was about.

What could this possibly be? I mean . . . it's huge! Not skyscraper huge, but normal building huge. In all of her many years Theta hasn't seen anything quite like it. Curiosity is piqued. She snaps a few pictures of the outside (careful not to get too close in case somebody's watching) and heads home to tell Jaimey and Simone (who will no doubt inform Geo) what's going on on the other side of town.

So what is this unusual structure being built on the outskirts of town? It's a hotel! Well, as much of a hotel as can be built in Sims 3. Perhaps one day they'll release an EP giving us back proper hotels, but for now it's just a visitable community lot with beds in rooms. The bottom floor has 4 identical bedrooms with the vibrating heart bed. (It's descripted as "vibrating" but I haven't actually used it before so I don't know for sure if it does yet or not) There are community bathrooms, elevators to the 2nd floor and what's this? A fountain? Why yes. A fountain.

Upstairs are four more suites each with a fireplace for extra coziness. Two of these rooms have jacuzzis for a possible alternate woohoo location. There is also a communal balcony in case anyone needs some fresh air after all of their woohooing.

A few EPs ago we got the ability to build fountains. Ok, so they're basically glorified pools, but still. Can customize the floor and walls of it and add little fountainy spouts and that's what I did. I made this fountain. PRAISE ME!! *kidding*

I have a really bad problem with landscaping, so the outside isn't too grand. On the other hand, it's not too boring either, so here you go. Yes, it's night. But since it is night you can see the little lights I put in so nobody (except the clumsiest of sims) trips over the stairs.

So there you have it. A "love hotel" sprung up (seemingly overnight!) in Moonlit Shores. At least it gave me a break from skill building for the day.

Awesomeness Part 14

I'll admit, I'm growing a bit tired of Theta and her incessant skill building. She has a new job at the Stadium which is keeping her out of the house at surprisingly odd hours.

In true form she's driven forward and immersed herself in the world of athleticism. Hanging out at the sports bar and reading every book assigned by her boss cover to cover. You can't see it here, but she's changed her clothes and cut her hair short to look more "athletic". Her army training has prepared her physically and now she has a less violent outlet for the competitive spirit instilled in her.

Simone has definitely taken after the celebrity of her mother. Dancing late at the clubs and partaking in free drinks. It's an exhausting world, but she's getting along fine.

Jaimey came home from work dressed up in her new band-appropriate attire, took a good long look at herself in the mirror and decided she was just too old to continue in this line of work. Gigs are nearly non-existant in this small town and she really just looked rediculous. So she picked up the phone and retired. So far she's enjoying her retirement. It affords her plenty of time to persue her passion of painting. She's even taken over some of the more mundane household tasks. Many of which have been left undone without a new butler having been hired. She's not really good, but she tries hard.

While Jaimey was at the bookstore picking up a book on cooking, this sim walked by outside. She reminds me of my sister back when she was a teenager.

Anyway, the only *real* development is in Simone's love life. She believes she's found "the one". While not having the ability just yet to ask him to move in, she has asked him to spend the night several nights in a row. I'm guessing he doesn't have a job since he hasn't left the house. He's polite, though, and doesn't make a mess. And if Simone's wanting to Woohoo him constantly is any indicator, he's quite good in the lovemaking department.

I think she's going to move out soon. Or, perhaps, Theta will allow her to have the house and move out herself. All I know is that somehow I've got to shake things up. Perhaps a makeover? A slew of anonymous random lovers? Maybe I'll build a Tokyo inspired "Love Hotel" for just these kinds of activities. Probably not resembling the one showcased in that link, but with the same basic principles. If I can pull it off. Without actual "hotels" in the game will be more difficult than it was in 2.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awesomeness Part 13

The joy! The drama! The pain! Theta's life (and Simone's) has been a rollercoaster of events. With the departure of her friend and mentor, Simone had to contend with doing her homework alone when she came home late from a party.

Though she may not have, except for Joline (the most recent butler) mysteriously disappeared as well. Theta was on a return trip to China attempting to finish off the tournament before her boss rammed his boot up her butt. In between sparring matches she descended into the tombs in search of the mysterious boulder-crushing Pangu's Axe.

Which she did find and put to good use.

Back home Simone hunted down her beloved Roderick and quickly discovered the reason for his departure. Although old and grey she still held a lot of love for him and managed, in her own teenage way, to tell him so.

And not a moment too soon. As they were having a deep conversation the end came for poor Roderick.

An event which still haunts Simone. It's not easy seeing the grim reaper come for your first love.

While on (the lag induced) haitus from the tourney, Theta took her weekend time to party it up. So much seriousness isn't good for a sim. Unfortunately she started to get a little too close to a certain perky blonde vampire.

She didn't even notice the pain her own daughter was going through. Though, given how she raised Geo I suppose this isn't a complete shock.

In fact, while shaking off the last of her jetlag Theta began pre-preparing for her upcoming jump to stardom. Working on building up her Charisma skill.

Fortunately one last trip was all it took for Theta to win the Sim Fu Martial Arts tournament. Before she even had a chance to go home and impress her boss, those in attendance of her final match were suitably impressed with a line forming to get her autograph!

To cope with her loss, Simone tracked down Joline in an attempt to get answers as to why she had left the family so suddenly. Unfortunately, that answer did not come. They did, however, become good friends over dinner at the Bistro. Full discount thanks to her mother's previous stellar services there. (actually, she only got a partial discount thanks to her meager celebrity status, but the other way sounds much better)

Back on the base Theta's superior officers were, indeed, quite impressed with her tournament win and awarded her 7,500 simoleons and a promotion! A promotion which, though I forget what it was to, came with a very impressive new uniform. This picture is especially for Brak. ;-) She knows why.

I don't know if it was their long time together, the feeling that she was losing Theta's interest, or just a realization of her increasing age, but all of a sudden Jaimey wanted to make Theta her girlfriend. Officially, that is. Of course Theta accepted this spontaneous proposal. She was, in fact, shocked that they weren't yet officially an item. I guess it was just one of those things that slipped her mind.

Jaimey was so happy that that night at work she was singing while writing the band's lyrics and the manager promoted her to lead singer!

The days rolled on (without another new butler . . . there's still plenty of food in the fridge) and along came Simone's birthday. Well, you remember the paltry (if heartfelt) attendance of Simone's last birthday? She was determined to do things quite a bit differently this time. She invited just as many friends as she could cram into their house and they all had a blast!

Though . . . she doesn't have the "unlucky" trait, but it seems she just may be. One of her party guests dropped dead right on the porch. Poor girl. I wonder if it hurt more when the grim reaper asked Theta for her autograph . . .

So there we are. Jaimey is finally a real part of her band. Theta is just one promotion away from being done with the army. Simone has grown into a lovely young adult who will be joining the movie career just as soon as she sleeps off that killer party. Oh, and don't worry, Theta is still milking her quasi-addiction to the life fruit. Her story will continue and Simone will understand her brother's underlying confusion at having aged beyond his mother.