Sunday, March 20, 2011

Awesomeness Part 9

  When Theta left for Shang Simla, China she fully expected to squeeze her military-required martial arts training in between tomb exploration.  So after arriving she made sure her very first stop was to the local Martial Arts Academy.

  She not only learned her minimum skill, but excelled and quickly earned her first belt.  Swinging by her temporary lodging she spied a notice on the Adventure Board.  A local Sim wanted to meet with her.  Her!  Personally!  Well, she is a celebrity after all so it wasn't too shocking.  Lots of sims want to meet her.  It seemed an easy way to earn some traveller points so she hopped on her bike and went to meet this sim.  She quickly learned that this reaching out had nothing to do with her celebrity status and everything to do with her recently acquired martial arts skill.  "Go, spar with Maya Lin and return to me."  Wow, her very own sensei!  Of course Theta rushed off to meet this Maya and, hopefully, kick her ass!

  I'd like to point out it was not Theta's idea to spar indoors.  The challenged picks the location, not the challenger.  Anyway, after two rounds of sparring they were left at a draw.  Not too shabby against an opponent who, judgeing purely by belt color, was far more advanced than herself.  So Theta returned to her sensei with the news and was rewarded with her traveller points and a handful of simoleons.  But this was not the end of master's instructions.  Now Theta must meditate for two hours before returning.  Meditate?  "But master, I can not yet meditate." "Then learn!"  Oh my . . . So Theta moved herself into the Absolute Fist Retreat and spent every possible second (taking into account eating, sleeping, bathing and fatigue) training.

  It wasn't easy.  Her muscles were sore, she broke her hand once and the paparazzi would not leave her to train in peace!  She was dedicated, though.  Determined not to let down her randomly appearing mystery sensei.  In spite of her determination, or perhaps because of it, during those few hours a day where she just had to regain her energy she was ever mindful of her fans.  "Fans of what?" she sometimes wondered. "I haven't done anything . . ."  But sims will be sims and they don't always make sense so she let them take her picture and even signed a few autographs between strenuous training sessions.

  Finally, one day before her trip's end she reached a skill level high enough to be able to meditate.  Being a true martial artist, even meditation raises her skill.  After two hours of calm contemplation she finds the ability to "zenport".  So without any further hesitation she zenports back to her sensei to reveal the great news!  "This is all I can teach you.  Go now and continue to hone your skills."  A little disheartened Theta makes her way back to Shang Simla's lodging.  It's almost time to go home, after all.  Even with the loss of her sensei Theta is proud of her new-found branch towards awesomeness.  The military, it seems, really is all about opportunity and being the best you can be.  At least in Sim World.  She's trained hard, broken a few boards, found her Sim-center and is now ready to take on any enemy she may face while serving in the greatest army in my computer.

  Back home things continued to go well.  Since travel happens outside of time Theta returns exactly where she left off Friday evening.  A full weekend ahead!  The first thing she wants to do Saturday morning is see Jaime, her sort-of girlfriend.  A quick invite and 30 minutes later the two are reunited.  This time the option to ask her to move in is there!  "Please, stay with me?"  Once again Theta is a household of two.  And not a moment too soon!  Poor Jaime was a mere two days away from aging up to Elder!  Well, Theta just could not have this.  No, she has so many plans, so much she wants to do with Jaime.  "Here, take some of my Life Fruits.  I'll run out right away and harvest more!"

  Their first day together wasn't terribly eventful.  Theta gathered more Life Fruits then continued on to a local dance club at which she had made a previous engagement.  Jaime stayed home and worked out so she could move up from "Latrine Cleaner".  By nightfall they were both exhausted and just went to bed.

  Being the gourmet that she is Theta wanted to impress Jaime by cooking her favorite dish.  Which just happened to be pancakes.  Perfect!  Still shaking off her jet-lag and dance-fever Theta woke up 2 hours early to make sure she had time to complete this task before Jaime woke up.

  She made it!  Though barely.  Which is okay because after their first night together they got to eat breakfast together.  An event which is not likely to be repeated.  (Why?  Because these things are hard to coordinate, that's why)

  After breakfast Theta busied herself upgrading some of her new appliances and Jaime discovered something about herself she hadn't noticed before.  She didn't want to be in the army; she wants to be a Master of the Arts!  Mastering painting and guitar skills.  So she spent her day throwing paint at canvas and plucking away.  Perhaps a career in the music industry is in her future?  She's pretty level-headed, though, and wants to get some basic skills before leaving the security of the army for a career as fickle as music.  Although "Roadie" has got to be better than "Latrine Cleaner" . . . right?

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