Friday, March 18, 2011

Awesomeness Part 8

  Theta is steadily climing the military career track.  She can salute and be saluted.  Yes, saluting is a conversation option.  Somehow she manages to find time to work out but also party!  Being the proper celebrity she manages to make her appearances at local clubs and is trying very hard to make it to the parties of friends.  At one such party she ran into her son who is now older than she is.  They are still very close and even had a quick dance together while they caught up on the past few days.

  But sometimes the partying gets to be too much, and sometimes you feel bad about wasting a perfectly good opportunity.  And so she was prompted to revisit Egypt.  She made sure to get the most out of every last moment.  Pitching her tent in the desert, finally learning these local customs, going on missions and exploring the tombs!

  Unfortunately, those Egyptian pyramids can be quite dangerous.  Her working skills in altheticism and handiness have aided her well negotiating the traps, but did not prepare her for the angry mummy she encountered!

  She lost that fight by the way.  Still, returning home to Moonlit Shores she felt good about her trip.  In fact, the military has sent her to China to learn Martial Arts and just as soon as she recovers from her jetlag (2 days sim time) she'll be off on that expedition.  In the meantime she's taking her party time to relax.  Spacing out her nightclub appearances.  Enjoying her friends and her family while she can.  Because only I (and one very special confidant) know what her future brings and even that is sprinkled with a bit of random. Best she just take her extended life one sim day at a time.

  In case you were wondering, the option to move in has not yet come up with her pseudo-love-interest.  I'm hoping it does before she gets to be too old . . . .

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