Monday, March 14, 2011

Awesomeness Part 7

  When last we left Theta she was overindulging in her new culinary talents and her son Geo was just trying to get by.  And that is where we shall being.

  Being a celebrity Theta has been invited to many many parties.  She's attended maybe half.  Would be more if they'd quit being planned for while she's at work.  But, even at the parties she ate and ate and ate.

  Geo has since grown into a young adult (at this point about to be an adult) and moved away.  He still keeps in contact with his mother over the phone but refuses to visit.

  For no relevant reason here's a picture of a ghost that sped through the lot . . . maybe she died in a sinkhole.

  After Geo left Theta was feeling a bit lonely so she invited one of the friends she made in Paris to stay for the weekend.  They went out to the club and somehow the friend didn't make it back to the house . . . .

  I'll be honest.  Keeping Theta fat was a chore.  She had to eat ALL day long.  So she ended up getting skinny again.  I could have cheat-coded her back into the Create-A-Sim and made her normal state fat, but . . . here's a picture of her with butterflies!

  Through all of her partying and networking and appearances Theta has climbed her way from total unknown all the way to 4-star celebrity (one more star to go!), but some days she likes to get away from it all.  There's a little bar down the street from her old job that suits just fine.

  Since her house seemed so empty, and she was about to embark on a new career path, Theta moved into an apartment in the center of town.  The size is right, but the decor was all wrong.  So she tried her hand at redecorating, using the original plans as her base.

  As for her new job.  She's a big shot celebrity now so there was only one thing to do.  Join the army!  Elvis was the King and he served his country, why not her?

  She's loving it, by the way.  Works out all the time and treats herself to a nice massage after every session.  Usually free since she's a big shot and all.  One call she gets quite a bit from her agent is to go dancing at a specific club.  So she dresses herself up nice and heads out to cut a rug.  She does fall from time to time, but she's getting quite good and learning some new moves.  Of course the paparazzi aren't too far behind.  Unless they happen to get stuck in the elevator.

  On a more personal note Theta's found herself a new romantic interest.  A fellow soldier.  Isn't she lovely?

  So here she is.  Her son is aging, her love life is thriving and her new career is working out quite well.  If she can get her new lady-friend to move in (for some reason the option doesn't always come up . . . I think it's a glitch) they'll take a nice vacation together.  Perhaps to Egypt since she fatted her way through the last trip.

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  1. love that first pic *nom*. too bad you couldn't keep her fat and then make her work it off like a normal person. stupid high metabolism. nice redecorating, too.


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