Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awesomeness Part 6

  When we last left Theta she had just joined the Culinary career track at the Bistro around the corner from her house.  She's charged full speed ahead into mastering her cooking skill.  Why, every good mother can cook a good meal, right?  Of course!  Now, that's not to say she's actually cooking these delicious delicacies for Geo . . . in fact, most of what she makes is going right into her own belly.  Her agent has called her three times to go to the gym.  She's even randomly thinking of it herself.

  But who has time?!  Between her food-filled trip to China and working and raising her son, Theta is a very busy woman indeed.  No time for the gym, nosiree.  Why, she barely had time to learn the local customs (songs) in China between bites of egg roll and dim sum.

  If her job wasn't so close, she might not even get to it thanks to her new obsession.  Which is slowly, but surely, taking it's toll on her once fantastic figure.

  Geo, born a musical prodigy, has been excersizing his skills on the keyboard (piano . . .) and dreaming of the day he gets to embark on his own life adventure.  He never questions why he only gets to talk to his mother over meals, or how she never seems to age.  Instead he pours himself into homework and takes his keyboard to the park from time to time to hopefully save up a few simoleons of his own.  All in all he's well-behaved and well-adjusted and happy to just let the music take him away from it all.


  1. i love fat sims. they get so cute. :)

  2. lol That's what kills me. She's so fat and she's still cute!! All the clothes are still fairly flattering. I wish I was a sim!


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