Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awesomeness Part 5

  Theta's specially created world was completed and she has been moved in, house and all.  She shall want for nothing in her new world.  She lost none of her job progress, travel perks, inventory.  Everything came along with her except her friends.  Here is her old house in it's new location.  You can see the Bistro practically in her back yard.

  In this new town (named "Moonlit Shores"; a cookie to anyone know catches the reference) it was time to go back to work.  This meant a babysitter for young Geo.  Thankfully the babysitter's of 3 are much more competant than the Nanny's of 2 and the house did not get burned down and Geo was not left to starve in his own filth.

  Now, this move brought a swift end to Theta's relationship with Jaames.  It also meant that he would never be in the life of his son.  Though Theta loves him dearly, taking care of Geo by herself has proven quite stressful.  Theta soon resorted to stuffing her face with convenience food.

  Not even a return trip to France (to collect relics for work) did much to stem her appetite.  Though, I must say, her new look is quite pretty.

  Upon her return it was not long before little Geo grew up from a slobbery little toddler

  Into a school-ready child.

  Theta soon after reached Level 10 of her science career and decided to combine her newfound love of food with her desire to appear like a good mother and joined the culinary career.  Remember, the Bistro is right behind her house so she'll always be nearby.  She'll learn how to make a plethora of delicious dishes.  Dishes she will, rest assured, taste test thoroughly.  Her scientific background provides her with plenty of farm fresh produce (including her beloved Life Fruit) and fresh caught fishies.  Nothing better than fresh ingredients to tempt the taste buds.

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