Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Awesomeness Part 10

It seems it's been a while since my last Sim update. There's good reason for that. Not a lot of noteworthy things have happened. Levelling up skills and going to work. For the most part. Jaime did join the music career, working her way towards rock legend. On a day where both her and Theta were off they decided it was time to make some big changes in their simly lives. So they bought a house together. The outside was nice, but the inside needed a lot of work. They spent a whole day replacing the furniture and appliances. Not all of them, but most. The upstairs was nice enough for a child. It had been a while since Theta had heard the pitter-patter of little feet and almost missed it. But these two career-centered individuals didn't have time for all the fuss of raising a baby. So they adopted a child. A little girl. Her name is Simone.

She's a friendly girl who's first want was to be best friends with her mom. Which would be Theta since she's the one who made the call. Her and Jaime don't "technically" have a relation since Theta and Jaime aren't married, but they're still a family. Little Simone loves fishing so it's lucky they moved into a house close to the hatchery. I'm not sure if it's her rising stardom, or the extra responsibility of another child to care for, but Theta decided it was time to hire herself a butler. I debated for a while over whether I wanted to allow her this luxury since they cost 1200simoleons a week. Finally I relented and here he is:

He required his own bed (and with Simone claiming the upstairs this meant building him his own addition) and since Theta and Jaime are neat-freaks there's really not a lot for him to do, but it's nice having him around. He does add a touch of class to the joint.

It wasn't long before Simone became curious about her family. I mean, she wasn't a baby so she knew she was adopted. She finally found out that she also has a brother! An OLD brother. Was he adopted? No, Simone, he was not. Well, Simone just had to meet this man. One quick phone call informed her he works at the local consignment store and so she hopped on her bike and sped away. They get along quite well, and the stories he has to tell her are truly unbelieveable! "Mommy was fat?! No way!!"

Just like her brother Simone does very well in school. It helps to have a kind butler around to help with her homework when Mommy T and Mommy J are busy. For some reason Theta was given 5 days off of work to "take care of the child" so she spend her time re-growing a nice garden and maxing out her fitness skill. No room for flab in this army, soldier!! Jaime has worked her way up from "fan" to "stage tech" and wants to look the part. Interesting note, this picture is from her second trip to the tattoo parlor. She was far braver the first time around . . .

Theta is still in the army for the moment. In fact, she's on an expedition in Egypt trying to collect mummitomium for the army to research for their new stealth planes. Of course, she's also got plenty of time to relic hunt and tomb explore. All on the army's simoleon. (not really, but it should be and it sounds good) She's still getting calls from her agent for celeb type stuff and accepting every opportunity that comes her way. Can't wait for her to finish up in the army and set her upon a new path. It's gonna be wild . . . ;-)

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