Thursday, February 10, 2011

Found the Fire!

  You know how it is.  You come out of the store, or simply round a corner, and there it is.  Smoke!  There's a fire somewhere in that direction right there.  Is it a controlled burn of some kind?  Or an actual fire emergency?  How far away is it?  Is it a house, place of business, or chunk of nature?  Then the big question inevitably emerges.  Can we find the fire?  In the not too distant past this question was all too tempting for Aaron and myself.  Let's try to find the fire.  In nearly every case the answer to that question was "No".  The fire was either on Ft. Hood, further than we were willing to drive (meaning it must have been quite an impressive fire for us to see the smoke from that far away) or was put out while we were searching thereby causing us to lose the trail.

  Previously the closest we had come to tracking down a fire was when the big Action Pawn burned up.  Which we had just missed.  My sister had gotten a pic of the fire, but I never ended up getting a copy of that.  Today, however . . . today was different.  A victorious day for the random amateur fire trackers.

  We come out of HEB and Aaron spies the smoke off in the distance.  It's thick and black and doesn't appear to be too far off.  From our vantage point it looks like it could easily be right across the highway.  We weren't out long and had no plans for the rest of the day and Aaron says, "Hey, let's see if we can find the fire."  Find the fire.  Such magical words.  He's a good passenger to have for many reasons; in the case of fire tracking he's very good for his hawk vision.  He kept his eye on that smoke and he knows the city so that left me to concentrate on not crashing the car. 

  We turn down Mary Jane and almost lose it.  Can still see faint hints between the houses.  Down near the Wedding Cottage we get a magnificent show of the still billowing smoke.  As we drive down the road (who's name escapes me) I begin to wonder if perhaps we should have pulled into the Wedding Cottage and just gotten the picture from there.  Aaron says, "Turn right here.  Now left.  Now right." and there we are!  So close we can smell it.  Right across Veteran's Memorial.  Another right and left and the fire is right in front of us.  We've found the fire!  It's an apartment building on Gilbert.  We get as close as we can, but the road is blocked by cop cars.  This first image was taken as I'm working on taking a turn so we can hopefully loop around for a closer look.

  I offered to pull into that adjacent parking lot, but he explained why that was a bad idea.  So around I loop and he takes us down a side road.  We're even closer, but unfortunately on the wrong side of the building.  He did manage to snap a shot of all the emergency response vehicles down this road.

  The smoke was filling the streets and we did get eyeballed by a cop so rather than loop around the remaining road we decided to take our earned bounty and head home.  I do hope everybody was okay and that the damage isn't too severe.  I guess we'll find out if they report it on the news.  Until then I can just relish in the victory that we did track down and find the fire!

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  1. the cop was afraid you would steal his marshmallows ;) congrats on your successful fire hunt.


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