Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Awesomeness Part 4

  Poor Theta's life has been thrust into turmoil.  So sad since it's only just begun!  But, through her difficulties I'm sure she will thrive and come out better than before.  Things started out well enough for her.  She went to work and discovered a new type of fertilizer to revolutionize the plant-growing world.  This earned her an instant promotion!  She was feeling pretty good about herself so she gussied up and invited her new "friend" over for a little post-promotion celebration.

  Things went quite well when she invited him to stay the night. That is, until morning.  She's working hard in her garden and her new "man" is playing in the sprinkler like a child!

  She decided then and there that he had to go.  She just doesn't have time for this kind of silliness in her life.  As soon as he left she headed to China for a little getaway.  She spent most of her time fishing, attempting to catch the elusive Dragon Fish.  Unfortunately she wasn't fruitful in this endeavor, but she did enjoy the time away.

  When she got back she once again changed her outfit to something more Asian inspired.

  But also found herself suffering from random bouts of nausea.

  Jaames decided to swing by unannounced.  Due to lingering disappointment in his behavior and a sudden surge of hormones, Theta found herself behaving . . . less than friendly towards him.

  He hasn't been seen since.  Over the following days it became quite obvious that Theta's one-night stand had resulted in pregnancy.

  She filled her time upgrading random appliances and trying not to get too angry at her inability to further her career.  After a few days she was "blessed" with her little blue reminder.  She named him Geo. 

  She's been a good mother so far.  Making sure to tend to Geo's needs.  Sadly her woes were not yet over.  As she was attempting to upgrade a tv she was electrocuted and a fire started.

  She put the fire out and went to bed singed.  Even tended to Geo before cleaning herself up the next morning.  Oh but she can not wait until he's old enough for a babysitter so she can go back to work.  This little bundle of "joy" has already taken so much of her time!  She had hoped to learn to cook before becoming a mother, but sometimes things happen that aren't planned for.  Hopefully the coming days will look up for her and she'll be able to find it in herself to even love her little accident.  If not . . . he'll be on his own soon enough and she can get back to the life she had planned.

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