Saturday, February 19, 2011

Awesomeness Part 3

  Things were going fairly quietly for Theta as she concentrated on gardening and furthering her career.  But sim life, as in real life, is often fraught with danger!  She woke up one morning with a simple hankering for pancakes.  An easy enough dish to make, any sim with a stove and a fruit can make pancakes.  Theta, however, could not.  She set her stove (and almost her pilfered dishwasher) on fire.  She was able to douse the flames before the firewoman arrived, but she was still left with a hole in her kitchen which needed to be filled.  She had acquired a bonus or two from her promotions and so she decided on the most expensive stove that simoleons could buy.  In addition she put her recently acquired handiness skill to the test and upgraded the stove to be fireproof. 

  The next day she was given the opportunity to bring a loved one back from the dead.  All she needed was an urn.  Well, being a happily single sim, Theta had no loved ones.  She thought that since nearly all of her friends had died recently that surely one of those would suffice.  So she took a trip to the cemetary, visited the mausoleum and took possession of Vlad's urn.  You remember Vlad.  The party-throwing Vampire.  Apparently good friends do not count as loved ones in the sim world, but Theta was in no mood to revisit the cemetary (not yet anyway) and so Vlad's urn rests on her kitchen counter.  All but forgotten.

  Naturally there's nothing like a trip to the local cemetary to remind you that your list of living friends is growing shorter by the day.  Theta decided to bike around town and see if there was anybody worth meeting in any of those houses.  Most were empty and those that were inhabited were currently unoccupied until she reached a beachfront property on the other side of town.  There she met Jaames.  They hit it off quite well.  They've been on a date that ended in their first kiss.  She's thinking of inviting him over on her next day off of work.

  Speaking of work, the next day as she was about to head home, Theta noticed a tourist standing by the fountain outside of the science facility.  A tourist!  Well, she just couldn't resist introducing herself.  As a budding famous-sim it's nice to make a good impression.  This includes welcoming visiting sims to town.

  They did not hit it off so well.  So the days roll by.  Her and Jaames become closer (still waiting for that day off!) and her garden grows.  She has finally planted her own life fruit!  Definitely a step in the right direction.  She also recieved a gift in the mail.  A little something from some company.  Ya know, for being a . . . . for sort of being a celebrity.  And isn't it fancy?!

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