Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awesomeness Part 1

  A venture back into the world of Sims.  The last time I played I decided that it would be fun to find a blueprint for a nice estate house for my legacy family.  Between uncooperative landscaping and replacing furniture it took a week to accomplish this.  As it turns out that's just how long it takes for me to lose interest in the family.  So now after discussing simming with Brak I've decided to take a sim, one lone sim, and see just how awesome I can make her.  Can a sim experience everything there is to experience in their lifetime?  Without working outside of the standard game structure, I mean.  I don't like cheating in sims.  It's more of a challange not to.  So, the first step towards awesomeness is, naturally, creating the sim.

  And there she is.  I made her pretty because I tend to tire of facial "quirks" fairly quickly.  Her name is Theta, she's a scorpio.  She's eco-friendly, smart, and I went ahead and made her a schmoozer so that social interactions will go more smoothly and friendships build more quickly.  I started her on a vacant lot and built a rudimentary house.  Two rooms; one for cooking, sleeping and living; one for bathroom.  She wanted to join the science career.  Smart of her because science requires gardening.  Gardening leads to . . . . life fruit!  Good thinking, Theta.  Luckily there are also life fruits growing around the science facility so she's fine in the meantime.

  Part two of her awesomeness is accepting as many challenges/events as possible.  This lead to her winning the local eating contest, fishing a crocodile out of the city hall plumbing and her most recent adventure?  Travelling to France to fish up some frogs for the local Resteraunt! 

  While in France she's explored a tomb and the infamous Landgraab chateau.  She's on the last day of her first trip to France.  Perhaps some more fishing is in order before heading back home?  Or maybe a trip to the nectary?  Or the bookstore?  Who knows?  All I know is it will just be another day on her road to awesome.

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