Saturday, January 15, 2011


  Sleep has not come easily.  Oh, it could.  I'm a master sleeper.  Elvis, however, prefers his parents awake and ready to tend his every need.  So, once again, I'm trying to sleep when he sleeps.  This has resulted in a massive headache that is just now starting to subside.  To be fair, it's not all his fault.  I spent part of today cleaning out the room my sister previously occupied.  In so doing I ran across my dad's old ThinkPad.  Which he had mentioned was "having problems".  The "problem" is a missing or corrupt .dll file.  Possibly easily fixable, but not in my world.  Oh no.  I tried going through the boot up menu to see if there was anything in there that would aid my quest.  There was not.  After a fair amount of googling I came across this page:

  I'm sure it's an amazing bit of technology, however, after hours invested in several attempts, it's not serving my needs.  The ThinkPad is refusing to be rolled back to earlier settings and the "registery fixer" built into the program results in a blue screen error.  Which takes me to part two of my "Fix This Damn Thing" quest.  Perhaps if I can utilize an alternate operating system I can do away with windows and it's stupid .dll errors.  Perhaps.  Linux sounds like an ok one.  It's free anyway.  So I download the OS and burn the iso to a CD.  Nothing.  Apparently it didn't burn properly.  Now I'm attempting to download the "bootable USB" version.  It's 86% done.  At least we're not on dialup anymore.  I would have likely just thrown the Damn Thing out the window by now.  Hopefully this works.  I wonder if I can install Linux to the hard drive while operating the boot-up version?  If not . . . . well, I guess I'll just be booting up from the USB forever.  There are worse things, I suppose.  I only really want it working so I can watch movies (and Daria) while I bike.  Did I mention I plan on moving the stationary bike into that room so I can work out without freezing to death?  Yeah, that's the plan.

  Well, it's 93% done now.  *fingers crossed*  Hopefully this jacked up asprin doesn't put me to sleep just yet.  I'm fairly curious about what's on there.

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