Saturday, January 8, 2011

Continuing Recovery

  Things have been so busy and hectic lately.  Firstly, Aaron is almost a week into his recovery.  He's doing so well and I'm so proud of him.  I know he can't be comfortable, but he's troopering through and he's being careful about what he eats.  Of course he is.  He doesn't want to go through all that surgery stuff again!  His holes are itchy, but that's to be expected and his back hurts because it's hard to get comfortable to sleep.  Other than that he's doing just fine.

  Elvis, on the other hand, is being a ripe pain in my ass.  Especially being that I'm the only one that can bend over to take care of him consistently.  It's not fun and I'm not getting great sleep, but we love him.  He was having his seizures more frequently so I did a bit of research online.  One article I found suggested that he may be getting hypoglycemic seizures and that adding honey to his diet could help.  It's only been about a day and a half, but nothing so far.  I'm not really getting my hopes up, but each day without one is a good day.  I just wish he'd sleep.  Also he hadn't pooped in a while so we're also giving him canned pumpkin.  That has definitely helped.

  I'm doing alright.  Minus the sleep bit.  As much as I loved my green and purple hair, I just did not want to spend the money on more upkeep.  So now it's all a dark dark brown.  I'm probably going to go over it with the last of the purple to give it a nice tint.  My nails started pissing me off so I cut them all down short and now they're almost the same color as our car.  Think Crayola copper.  Got myself on the bike today.  Half an hour.  Also looked over the calendar on and while I don't like that it shows "calories" every time I log an exercise, at least it'll give me a day for weight and measurement so that it looks even all the way through.  Friday is the day.  Since that's when I most recently did it and it's the start of the new year.  Why not run with it, eh?  I just wish they'd fix the damn free scale at HEB.  Not that a quarter a week is a lot, just I don't really trust the pay one as much.  And it doesn't give me a BMI reading.  I want the free one back! 

  Whelp, looks like it's time to give Aaron his shower.  ;-)  Take care all.

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